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Opening for Ali Krieger sports complex set for spring


PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY — A sports field complex to be named after soccer standout Ali Kreiger will be ready by next summer.

SunCal, the developers of Potomac Shores in southeastern Prince William County, finished construction of one of three large rectangular soccer fields and a softball field.

Prince William County Parks and Recreation spokesman Brent Heavner provided Potomac Local this statement:

SunCal completed construction on one multi-sport rectangular field and one softball field last month with plans to complete three more rectangular fields and a parking lot by the end of the year.

Once we take possession of a field, there is considerable work we have to do to get the surface ready for play.

We hope to have the Softball field ready for play this fall, with the four rectangular fields opening for play next summer.

The softball field and two of the rectangular fields will be seeded with Bermuda grass. This is a durable grass that stands-up to heavy use well and responds well to maintenance. It provides a very nice playing surface.

The other two rectangular fields will be surfaced with artificial turf, which helps mitigate the amount of playing-time lost due to adverse weather and heavy use.

Lights will be available on two of the rectangular fields and the softball field to extend the amount of time they are available for use. This improvement was made possible by [Potomac District] Supervisor Caddigan who allocated proffer funds from the Potomac District to cover the cost of installing the lights.

Saint John Paul the Great High School, which neighbors the Ali Krieger Sports Complex, has been a great partner on this project and is allowing park patrons to use their parking lot. This reduces the number of parking spaces required for the complex and increases the total field space.

There were plans for nine rectangular fields, but plans have been revised. 

More from Heavner: 

Of the nine rectangular fields originally proffered two will be on the grounds of the adjacent elementary school. These will be available for use by permit just like the other fields in the sports complex. Six rectangular multi-use fields are scheduled to go into operation next spring. One was replaced in the site plan by a parking lot.

The two little league fields are proffered for delivery once the 1,250th housing unit in the Potomac Shores development is permitted. 

When all proffered fields will be completed depends on the rate at which housing units are built. 

Krieger is on the U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team and the Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer Leauge. She was on the winning World Cup Women’s Team in 2015, her second World Cup. Born in Alexandria, she grew up near Dumfries and graduated from Forest Park High School.

Caddigan said he’s coordinating with Krieger to attend the dedication and opening of the complex that will be complete with bathrooms and a snack bar.

“These things take time, so they have to be perfect,” said Caddigan.

The new fields will relieve some of the pressure on the county to provide more fields for team use. The fields will be available for teams on a first come, first served basis, added Heavner.

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