Clint Gaskins dies following police pursuit on I-95

OCCOQUAN — A Woodbridge man has died after a police chase on Interstate 95.

From Virginia State Police: 

Shortly after 2:40 a.m.Sunday (Aug. 6), Virginia State Police received a broadcast for a look-out for a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed on I-395 in Arlington County.

Two Virginia troopers spotted the motorcycle traveling south on I-395 near Edsall Road. The troopers observed the motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic.  One of the troopers determined the motorcycle was traveling 80 mph in the 55 mph zone. When the trooper activated his emergency lights and sirens to initiate a traffic stop, the motorcycle sped away and a pursuit was initiated.

The pursuit continued south on I-395 and then onto south I-95, with the motorcycle traveling at speeds in excess of 130 mph.  The motorcycle exited I-95 south onto Rt. 123. At Route 123 and Commerce Street in Prince William County, the motorcyclist lost control of the bike. The motorcycle ran off the right side of the road, and struck the curb, sidewalk and retaining wall. 

The motorcyclist, Clint I. Gaskins, 36, of Woodbridge, Va., died at the scene.

Gaskins was wearing a helmet, but it was not US DOT certified.

The incident remains under investigation.


54 thoughts on “Clint Gaskins dies following police pursuit on I-95

  1. R.I.P Clint!! I’ve known you forever and I know you’re just misunderstood. I will pray for all of the idiots being disrespectful on your behalf. You were NEVER trouble and you will be missed!! ???

    1. Never trouble, except for the drunk driving, and the driving at deadly speeds. Better him than an innocent victim of his. Good riddance.

      1. You must be the “officer”. I find it funny how you clowns get a paid vacation for killing someone; yet your job is actually in danger when you get caught sleeping, you can get a “DUI” after a single can of beer. I’m not going to stoop to your level out of respect for one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. On that note: stay classy champ…

        1. In Prince William General District Court on July 7, 2014, Gaskins was sentenced to 180 days in jail with all but ten days suspended on his 2nd DWI within ten years. Gaskins was fined $500.00. Gaskins was also jailed for five days for operating a vehicle on a suspended license.

          1. With all due respect, you care more about dogs than human beings. You shouldn’t throw stones because one day it may be your kid or another family member or friend who makes a mistake and this happens to them. According to you, due to my criminal history, I should be in prison for 40 years for beating on people like you. If that happened, I wouldn’t have fed those kids at the homeless shelter this past Saturday for my outreach ministry. Get better at life. Don’t judge nobody’s past. Anyone can change. I have been asked to stop responding so I’m going to honor that. I hope if you die, people respect you publicly despite your mistakes.

          2. I’m just the victim of somebody who was a consistent DUI driver but I guess that wouldn’t matter to you would it.. you will only see things from your side. I enjoy my life.

            People can change, but they have to do it because they want to.. 2014 wasn’t that far away so you can’t really call it too much of a past

          3. My past is billions of times worse. Truth be told I know for a fact I would be trying to find you as recently as a few years ago. But according to you my ministry is nothing and my change is nothing because I beat up dope dealers and take all they money in the past right?? Leave my people alone. Don’t communicate with me no more please. I’m asking you.

          4. No, I never said your ministry was nothing. That’s all coming from you.. I commend your changes and I am glad that you were leading a better life and I am sure you are happier for it.

          5. Be a man and put your name up here so we can dive into what you’ve done wrong anonymous…

          6. Uhm lol don’t hate because I posted how he was a repeat offender. There’s a huge difference between making a mistake and being a two-time DWI, operating on a suspended license.

            Who I am is irrelevant… I guarantee you I’ve never done anything like that.. but I certainly can tell you how it feels to have a family member killed by a drunk driver.. what about you? I won’t make any judgments on whether he was drunk that night or not, but considering his history you cannot yet rule it out

            I feel bad for his family…. Friends etc but you need to get yourself out of your feelings and realize he could have killed somebody.

          7. You’re definitely blessed to be anonymous. You ain’t even talking right now. YOU TYPING. I already told you about me and you see I just lost a friend, don’t be a disrespectful prick.

          8. Really lol why am I blessed to be anonymous is that a threat somehow?

            I am sorry you lost your friend..

            But people are blaming the police for his passing.. He made these choices regardless and those choices could have killed people not only in the past but the other night.. I’m sorry it cost his life before he could get things straightened out

        2. First, I am not a cop…just a guy, who does not want to be killed by a loser like this guy was, or you. Stoop to my level? You are a moron. You should be so lucky to be on my level.

          And, I am actually right there with you as far as cops killing unarmed people. I can’t believe how they say “I was scared”, and get with murder.

          1. You have the relative density of popcorn. You say I’m a “moron” and my child hood friend is an “idiot” without knowing anything about either one of us. Case by case I agree with some of the cases of the law going to far, but don’t insult my friend again. I would be lucky to be on your level coming on here insulting someone who’s deceased that you don’t even know?? I don’t care how “successful” or “perfect” you think you are, you have no decency whatsoever. You have no respect for who could see what you’re posting publicly. Like I told a few other people; this could be you or someone you know one day, who makes a rash decision out of fear. I just pray that you get the respect you’ve denied one of the most generous people I know personally, and have since middle school.

          2. You say I know nothing about you, or him. I guess you did not read the story. I did, and that was enough for me to form an opinion about him, and that you are defending him gives me enough to form an opinion about you.

            If you are looking for people to say good things about him, this is not the place to come, and that you continue to come back, again, shows that you are not too bright.

          3. WOW. I could literally take a dump into a bag, and freeze it overnight and it would be more intelligent than you. You are an internet troll. A vulture. You have come across a story about someone you don’t know, to criticize that person who’s now deceased. The reason I keep replying to you genius, is because when you reply to me I get a notification. I don’t wish any harm on you, and I hope you never experience a loss. That said; just thank God you have the pleasure of anonymity on this forum, because I’d literally tear your face OFF if you said ANY of this in person. Have a great day.

          4. Haha, right on! Keyboard cowboy that guy is. Craig, this dude is soft. Only weak people prey on tragedy with insensitive comments. Have any of you weak ass tissue paper soft people thought about his wife or daughter that may read your stupid comments? Thought not.

          5. Jay please forgive me for being disrespectful on here, but these people are just ignorant!! We’re not this kind of people, but I won’t listen to any garbage from people who didn’t know him!!

          6. We both know that will never happen!! Please pray and don’t be discouraged. We know who he really was and that’s what matters.

          7. He was my son you jackass. And you didn’t know him! It was 2:30 in the morning. What lives were being saved? Have you ever had dealings with the PW County Police Dept? I have and they are sick, vicious egotistical morons! Over 350 people were at his funeral. You should be so lucky to have a forth of that at yours! You people are callus and cold to make such thoughtless comments. The state police led him into a trap and pw cops took him out! There was police car paint on the side of his motorcycle. You pathetic people are sad and sick! Know the facts before your butt end starts speaking!

      2. I have a DUI on record too, guess I am a felon or criminal in your mind and to be judged from doing that way back when.. I also would speed when driving as well back in the days, guess I also should be the scum of the earth and criminal from mistakes I made and judged for life. We all should be squeaky clean I guess, you never did anything wrong in life obviously. BTW nobody dying is better than, it’s a lose lose situation.

  2. For the record and according to the code of Virginia, they SHOULD have abandoned the pursuit when it became a hazzard. They have plate readers and could have handled warrants later if needed. There was no need to push it that far.

    1. I know he just made a rash decision. He was a great dude and I’ve known him since middle school. ? We took him in as our token (one of the only white guys in the neighborhood), and we just used to have fun with his step dad being black!! He was just an awesome laid back guy and I’m also bothered by the comments with people judging him by this. Today is not a better day for sure. Bless you and your family. I will keep you in prayer for sure!! Just don’t pay any attention to these people. They just don’t understand him and they’re all self centered. They don’t speak for everyone!! God bless you Sir!!

      1. I don’t know Clint, but I certainly won’t judge him. I’ve made some hair-trigger mistakes that could have put me in his shoes. I’m old enough to not do that anymore, but fear is a powerful motivator to make life-changing mistakes you regret–if you live through it.

    2. I was going to say exactly what you just said Jason. We know that he was eluting, but that doesn’t make it right that the police pursue him until it’s high rates of speed and dangerous for everyone, including your family member. It does state that if it is hazardous that they are to stop the chase. This happen to my Son and the high rate of speed my Son was going and the police were chasing was dangerous to all. In my case my Son did crash at 75 miles an hour head first in a ditch and was unconscious. They had to call 911 and get him to the ER. If he had not had the DOT approved helmet or the 3 layered leather jacket he was wearing my Son wouldn’t be here. The office sat in the court room like he was big man on campus until we busted him on his pursuit endangering not only other people loves but my son’s and his. Needless to say we won because you can’t pursure if your endangering anyone else and they had to pay hospital bills and court cost. The officer was quiet mad. There was no reason for the officer to pursue your family member, also unfortunately your family member should have stopped also like my Son should have. I am sorry for your loss.

    3. I thought of the same think when I heard about it yesterday not knowing it was Clint. Why do they pursue a chase when they already have his license plate information? He probably panicked. It was reckless on both sides. I know his whole family and feel so terrible for his mum. What a horrible way to lose your life.

    4. There is no sate-wide law regarding this, and it is up to each police department to decide on their own policy.

      That said, the policy is usually not with regards to the safety of the criminal, but to the safety of the public, and at 2:40 a.m., there was probably not many cars on the road, so less of a safety issue to the innocent public.

      1. Why don’t you keep your filthy thoughts up in heroin infested New Hampshire?? I bet if donuts were illegal you’d be at overdose levels every day. A cop with a day job as an internet troll…??

        1. Again, not a cop, and yes, there is way too much heroin in NH…big news.
          You are a moron for defending this guy. Instead of being so butt hurt over this idiot’s death, try to find something useful to do.

          1. To call someone an idiot you don’t know a tall proves you yourself are a judgemental idiot. Bad decision okay, but to judge him as an idiot just shows you are talking out of your ass and a judgemental idiot yourself. Now go post on something you know about before speaking on someone you have no clue about…

          2. Sean, this is the Internet: If you have come here to hear nice things about your idiot friend, I suggest you just go to his funeral.

            I know all I need to know about this guy from the article.

            BTW, learn to spell.

          3. You know all you know about him from an article, sounds like rash judgement on your end there and you know his whole life. When someone in your family or friend list dies and karma comes back to you for your words oh well, they are idiots too and they died from a stupid decision they made and lets all judge them. You know shit, GOD bless and goodnight you clown. Now stop talking to me because I have nothing else to say to you man.

    5. ARLINGTON, VA. — A Woodbridge man with a record of repeat DUI and traffic arrests made his final ride into the sunset just a few hours prior to the sunrise following a high-speed chase on two interstates. – – – he was a repeat offender who knew better. While I am sorry for your loss, my brother was killed by a drunk driver. Your family member was going to end up killing somebody at some point….. I can understand why people’s comments would be maddening, but some of us are at the other end what a drunk driver can do. Please keep that in mind

  3. RIP to a good friend of mine, those passing judgement I am sure you or someone in your family has done things yet you pass judgement on him instead of just thinking about the child and wife he left behind. He was a good dude to all who knew him and then some, that is all I know and see and honestly if you didn’t know him you can’t judge him based upon this incident here. None of us were there, lets see what turns up but honestly none of that matters now because he is gone and never to be seen again here on this planet. RIP Clint you were a good dude, those who know you know that you would give the shirt off your back for them any day.

  4. How many other lives were put in danger while this one person was being pursued and ultimately killed? Do any of you know the number of innocent people killed every year that are bystanders due to the high speeds at which police pursue? Its ridiculous. There were certainly better ways to have handled this and someone losing their life goes way beyond the price of speeding. Rip and condolences to the family.

    1. He was a repeat offender who already was let go a few times for this kind of issue. Blame the police all you want to but it was going to end up killing somebody, it seems that he beat himself to it

    2. if the police don’t pursue a person who flees, why wouldn’t most people flee? It’s kinda the threat that you will be pursued and caught that keeps most people from fleeing.

  5. I find the responses here amazing. The idea that there was no reason to pursue a fleeing vehicle I find particularly interesting. There may be times when this is true but since Law Enforcement didn’t know why he was running in the first place that would have been a bad idea here. There are endless potential scenarios under which if the police had done that, everyone here would be criticizing the police for being so stupid. The world is not two dimensional and although social media allows you to voice your uneducated opinion on any number of topics, that doesn’t mean that you should. Words do matter and it’s exactly this same type of knee jerk opinion that has led to BLM and Police Officers being targeted for being Police Officers. All I’m saying is think.

    1. Thanks for adding your uneducated opinion to the collection of uneducated opinions.

      You seem to think what you’re saying is somehow more valid than the rest of what is being posted here.

      Here’s the thing: It’s not.

      I don’t know the family of the deceased or have any relation to the guy, nor do I care.

      Your biases look like they stem from support of law enforcement.

      So really, you’re just like them in a way. Posting comments to back your vested interests.

      All this to say: Shut the fuck up.

  6. I know Clint’s parents; I used to go to church with them when I lived in Woodbridge. They are fantastic folks; I feel real, real bad for them right now. Clint’s Mom and Stepdad ride too, as do I. They ride Goldwings, if I remember correctly, and I ride a Hog, but we shared a common love of the road and the wind. I always had a lot of love and respect for the Gaskins, although I never had the pleasure of meeting Clint. He has obviously touched a lot of people and made their lives better. We should not remember him just for one rash decision. We should remember all of the good he did while he was here, and the love he showed to others. In the end, that is what matters most. To those voicing disrespect, what goes around comes around. Have some respect for the deceased. He earned it while he was alive.

  7. Both the motorcyclist and police were making the situation increasingly dangerous. While the rider shouldn’t have been speeding like that, the police have a responsibility to the public and shouldn’t have given chase.

    This is why Baltimore PD has “no-chase” rules.

    Why increase risk to the public, the suspect, and officers over a traffic violation. Their priority should be public safety and protecting themselves from harm.

    Very stupid decisions made in this scenario by everyone involved.

  8. Having a military background doesn’t make you more educated than the rest of us. I’m a veteran as well and that has zero weight when discussing common sense. My uncle, brother and sister in law are Leos and as instinctive as it may be to have your fellow boys in blues back, it doesn’t make it right. There’s a reason many states have the no chase rule. Maybe if your innocent family member were killed in the chase youd think twice about belittling others for their opinion that a speeding ticket (which is all that it was and all they had on him at the time) is not worth anyone life. Jump off your high horse brother, your service doesn’t make you better than anyone else and you make the rest of us vets look bad throwing it around like it’s an entitlement

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