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These Stafford byways, neighborhoods will be paved next year

From Stafford Garrisonville District Supervisor Laura Sellers: 

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you all the preliminary list for repaving that VDOT will be doing in 2018. Check out the preliminary list below.

1. Route 616 Poplar Road FROM 646 Tacketts Mill Rd TO 612 Hartwood Rd
2. Route 616 Poplar Road FROM 612 Hartwood Rd TO County Line
3. Route 626 Potomac Run Rd FROM 625 Leeland Rd TO 628 Eskimo Hill Rd
4. Route 648 Shelton Shop Rd FROM 627 Mountain View Rd TO 610 Garrisonville Rd
5. Route 751 Eustace Rd FROM 610 Garrisonville TO 1428 Northampton Blvd
6. Patriots Landing Subdivision
7. Shadow Woods Subdivision

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