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‘Brew Republic’ a nation devoid of craft beer snobs

Prince William Beer Trail

Editors note: This is the fourth in a series of posts showcasing breweries in Prince William County, Virginia.

Inspired by familial ties in the industry and an obsession for beer, the Heisey family, and the Frederick family came together in a joint venture to create Brew Republic Beirwerks, a new brewery in Potomac Town Center.

Brew Republic’s roots are embedded in beer culture. The Heiseys had been home-brewing for many years, becoming natural experts on commercial brewing. The Frederick’s pursued a venture to revive an old Yuengling affiliated brewery.

The venture fizzled, but in junction with The Heiseys, the two families joined forces to create an establishment in an unlikely venue. Brew Republic’s edge over its competitors is its unique environment, courtesy of its location.

“We have created a hybrid between full-service brewpubs and industrial package breweries by bringing the production to an upscale retail town center,” said Frederick. “Ordinarily, breweries are located in industrial parks or agricultural areas, far away from the beaten path, or they exist as part of a large restaurant with a full menu and mixed drinks.”

Brew Republic also prides itself on its inclusivity; deeming it a place that welcomes those who aren’t craft beer snobs.

“We are also proud to be a woman, veteran, and minority-owned small business, and we see an opportunity to bring something cool to our community,” said Frederick.

Their best sellers are their easy-drinking ales, such as the Abide Blonde Ale, Mother Ship Amber Ale, and Vanguard Irish Red. According to Frederick, most of their beer names are derived from ideas that revolve around their “breakaway rogue republic/ sovereign new nation of beer” theme.

All Brew Republic beer is made on site at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge, which also includes their famous alcohol/caffeine free root beer which is popular among kids.

“Brew Republic was designed around the idea that anyone can enjoy great beer, and in that spirit, we try to ensure we brew something for everyone,” said Frederick. “We make beer by the people, for the people.”

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