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Fraudulent call to Sheriff’s office depicting murder and hostage situation

From Stafford County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 18, 2017 at 1:19 a.m., the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center received a call from a subject who stated he had just shot and killed his father, shot his mother in the arm and was holding a cousin hostage.  

The caller who identified himself only as Jamie also stated he was going to blow everything up with a pressure bomb at the front door unless he received $30,000.00.  The address of the reported event was in the Lake Arrowhead neighborhood of Stafford County.  

Deputy Chris Smith was one of the deputies dispatched to the call and recognized the address as one he had fielded a prior complaint from on July 13, 2017.  An eighteen year old who resides there had advised Deputy Smith that he was an online gamer and that an unknown person had somehow obtained his personal information.  

That person sent him a text saying he was going to “Swat” him.  The eighteen year old then explained to Deputy Smith that “Swatting” is a prank within the online gaming culture in which a very serious call is made to police in hopes that the SWAT team will respond.

When deputies arrived at the address, a perimeter was established and contact was made with the homeowner.  It was found that nothing unusual had occurred there that night.  Stafford County Detectives are following up in attempts to identify the source of the call.           


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