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Updated: Man charged after 911 callers say he threw himself in front of cars

If you were caught in traffic yesterday on Route 1 in Woodbridge about 3:30 p.m, here’s why. 

Police were called to Planet Fitness near the intersection of Village Drive for a report of a man hurling himself in front of cars.

It turns out the man was under the influence of drugs, according to police: 

The individual was under the influence of suspected narcotics and arrested. Any injury was self-inflicted. He was treated, released and transported to the [Adult Detention Center] in Manassas.

James A. Ellison Jr., 31, of 3113 Chesapeake Dr, #303 in Woodbridge is charged with DUI, according to police, who added it’s his second DUI in 10 years.

Ellison also faces charges of unreasonable refusal, suspended License, and subsequent offense, according to police.

Updated 2 p.m. Thursday, July 13, 2017

Her’es a video of the man who jumped in front of cars. It’s from a reader who posted it to Facebook and contains cursing.

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