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Jitterbugs Ice Cream Cafe dedicated to memory of owner’s late parents

It’s like taking a step back in time.

The new Jitterbugs Ice Cream Cafe is now open on Center Street in Downtown Manassas. The ice cream shop’s interior is that of a classic diner featuring chrome fixtures, a jukebox, a lunch counter, and tables designed to look like your sitting in a 1957 Chevy convertible.

“The inspiration is, it is truly a tribute to my mom and dad. I had started the plans for this in 2011 believe it or not, everything in here is custom-built,” said Bren Compton, the owner of the family restaurant.

Customers will find multiple flavors of ice cream, milkshakes, and soon sandwiches, hot dogs, and salads. No alcohol will be served.

“Nothing alcoholic,” said Compton. “It is a family restaurant cafe.”

Compton said Jitterbugs will be a destination for downtown and will increase foot traffic to the area. This the second business for Compton in Downtown Manassas. She’s operated the Alyssa Bryn boutique for the past 17 years.

Ice cream was something Compton shared with her late parents. During the renovation process, she wrote on a piece of unfinished drywall a dedication to her mother and father who passed away seven, and 10 years ago, respectively.

“I used to call them up even after I was married and I had children, and I would ask them to meet me for ice cream, and they always came,” said Compton. “Then my mom’s last year of five she was not able to drive, so she would call me to come pick her up and take her for ice cream.”

Jitterbugs Ice Cream Cafe is located at 9125 Center Street.

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