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Prince William County will review engineer plans to fix Stonebridge wall

A portion of River Walk Way will remain closed for at least another week.

A facade of a retaining wall fell onto the street late last month. Since then, engineers have been inspecting the area and coming up with a plan to fix the facade.

It was Prince William County officials that suggested the portion of the street be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The road is a busy thoroughfare for people traveling in and out of Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center and the popular Wegman’s supermarket.

County officials stress the wall, which stands about 50 feet tall, is not in danger of collapse.

“The wall is showing no signs of whatsoever of failing,” said Wade Hugh, Prince William County building services director.

Hugh likened the facade to brick facade on a house, saying if the brick facade fell off the remainder fo the home would remain intact.

Engineers for Stonebridge must submit repair plans to the county for approval. For now, they’ve tied up the reaming facade still standing to prevent it from falling, said Hugh.

Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center did not return multiple requests for comment for this post.

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