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Columbia Gas to issue refunds, hike rates

From Columbia Gas: 

“Columbia Gas of Virginia residential natural gas customers will receive a refund in their May or June bills as a result of the final order in Columbia’s 2016 base rate case, issued in March 2017. The average residential refund amount is approximately $15

Going forward, customers will see their average seasonal monthly bills increase slightly to an average of $48.22 from a current level of $46.45, effective with bills mailed this week. The average increase of $1.77 per month represents a 3.8 percent increase from the current monthly bill amount.

This comparison is based on a seasonal usage level of 2.7 Dekatherms (Dth). A Dth is the measurement used for natural gas usage based on heating content and is the equivalent of 1,000 cubic feet (Mcf). The rate change reflects both an increase to the revenue normalization and a decrease in base rates from the rates placed into effect on an interim basis last fall.

Columbia Gas reminds customers to enroll in…Budget Payment Plan – Allows customers to spread evenly the annual customer energy costs.” 

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