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Letter to the Editor: Let’s not turn back the clock and give Reinboldt a return run on Stafford School Board

In 2015, voters in the Griffis-Widewater district sent a loud and clear message. They resoundingly voted against a third four-year school board term for Ms. Dana Reinboldt. Clearly they had enough. 

Unfortunately, they replaced her with Emily Fallon, who stepped down and was recently convicted of embezzlement of PTO funds. In deciding on Fallon’s replacement, a jury of her own peers, the current School Board,  rejected Dana Reinboldt’s application to serve in an interim capacity, not even giving her an interview. The person they did select, Ms. Melissa Ayers, has endorsed Ms. Jamie Decatur to be her replacement.

Perhaps voters and school board members decided 12 years of Dana Reinboldt was enough, and it was time for a new perspective. Perhaps they saw in Ms. Reinboldt someone who reigned over a fiscal disaster where taxpayer money was squandered for years. Maybe if Dana Reinboldt spent more time asking tough questions and providing prudent oversight, the millions of dollars staff shuffled around or money unspent at the end of the year could have been put to good use for our schools and students. 

I, for one, was dismayed that Ms. Reinboldt remained an advocate for Superintendent Jean Murray, one of the worst chief executives we’ve had running Stafford schools when other school board members gave her the boot.

Yes, Dana has had lots of time on the school board, but her actual record is not a good one. She laughably claims she had a good relationship with her colleagues and county supervisors. School Board minutes and articles in the Free Lance-Star say otherwise.

Jamie Decatur has an impressive background and offers county residents the many attributes Dana doesn’t. Let’s not turn back the clock and give Dana a return run. She messed it up badly during her time in office. I’m supporting Ms. Jamie Decatur for school board. She won’t put up with the shenanigans Dana allowed for 12 years.

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