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Ronald Reagan Middle School students bring home international archery win

Ronald Reagan Middle School in  Haymarket beat teams from Canada, the United Kingdom, Namibia, South Africa, and the United States to win the 3D Archery Challenge at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) World Tournament held in Nashville, Tenn. on July 24, 2015

There were 236 schools competing in the NASP archery competition with a total of 2,633 boys and 2,238 girls entered. The tournament consisted of a bullseye target competition at 10 and 15 meters, as well as a NASP-IBO 3D target challenge.

In the 3D challenge, teams of 12 archers shoot at six 3D animal targets from a distance of 10 and 15 meters, as well as from 4 unknown distances.

The team from Ronald Reagan placed first in the Middle School Division in the 3D challenge with a score of 1407.

Along with taking first place in the Middle School Division, one of the team members from Ronald Reagan Middle School, Amanda Kraemer, placed 5th in overall score for Middle School Females in the 3D NASP – IBO Challenge with a total score of 284.

The RRMS Mustangs are a team made up of boys and girls from 6-8th grade in Prince William County Virginia where over 100 children participate in the club. Of these children, the top 24 shoot on the competitive team representing the school and our town of Haymarket, Virginia.

While this is only the 3rd year for the team, this is the 3rd time in three years that they came in 2nd place in the Virginia State Tournament. After the first year together, these young and talented kids showed their dedication practicing in the mornings before school and many evenings after school as well.

Yes, they are on summer break from school, but that does not stop their practice schedule.

These children train nine months out of the year and this is their second time competing in the NASP World Tournament. Earlier this year they placed 13th in the Nation for both 3D and Bull’s-eye in Louisville Kentucky.

This is a great achievement for these kids and for the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) program. There were over 5,000 archers competing this weekend with students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Namibia and South Africa.

This community news submitted by Nina Kraemer. 

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