Woodbridge Army reservist recovering after attack by Norfolk police dog



London Colvin, a 21-year old private in the Army Reserve is recovering from injuries she suffered when attacked by a Norfolk Police dog.

Colvin was at the scene of a fight 2:15 a.m. Sunday, at an off-campus party near Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, where Colvin is a second-semester junior and Sociology major.

Colvin graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School in 2011. She is currently a private with the 3rd Brigade, 318th Regiment and 78th Training Division, based at Fort Belvoir.

“She was at a party off campus. She said that a fight broke out, and she had nothing to do with the fight. She did say she was at the party, and her and her friends were leaving,” said Whitney Dunn, the victim’s cousin. “She was definitely being loud – she did admit to that.”

She told her family that one of the police officers approached her as she was leaving the party to question her, said Whitney Dunn. She also told her family that she had nothing to do with the situation, so she didn’t want to talk to the officer, Whitney Dunn added.

“Her and her friends continued to walk, and she said that she definitely continued to be loud, however they were walking away. The two other police officers approached her – asked her to stop. Whatever the case may be, they had her down on the ground when the dog came. Two of the police officers restrained her on the ground, and then they allowed the dogs to attack her,” Whitney Dunn said.

London Colvin did not speak with Potomac Local about what happened that night, but did tell us she is seeking legal counsel and has been advised not to make any statements about the incident.

According to the Norfolk police spokesman Daniel Hudson, having a police canine at the scene is standard protocol for incidents with large groups of people.

“We responded to a massive fight that happened in the street. Apparently there was a call for about 35 individuals who were partaking in a physical fight in the middle of the street. And once we have that multitude of people, we always have our canine officers respond out there with us for crowd management,” Hudson said.

Hudson went on to state that the reason the police canine was allowed to approach Colvin was to keep the crowd under control and protect other witnesses at the incident.

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“There was an officer that was attempting to place the woman in custody for disorderly conduct. When [the officer] tried to place her in custody, she became combative against the officer. Another officer attempted to restrain her, but again, there were multiple people around, so the canine officer deployed the dog to restrain the woman so nobody would get hurt,” stated Hudson.

After the attack, Colvin was transported to a hospital, where she received 40 stitches to close several non-life threatening wounds on her leg.

“The one [wound] that is open on her leg can’t be closed. That’s going to need plastic surgery,” Whitney Dunn said.

Hudson confirmed that there are charges pending against Colvin by the Norfolk police, but could not verify the exact charges.

Whitney Dunn spoke for the Colvin family, stating they understood the need for restraint but were upset about the use of the dog and Colvin’s resulting injuries.

“How I felt about the situation was, and how I think my whole family feels about the situation is – we can understand her getting arrested, because she was being disorderly or anything like that – however she didn’t have a weapon. She can’t put her hands up, or remove her hands from anywhere, or do anything because she’s being restrained by two police officers. So to allow the dog [to attack] is the only thing that we have a problem with,” said Whitney Dunn.

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    1. When Black people serve this country, and they have fought in every war that Amerika has fought they still are not considered equals. We are just fighting for White people. This happens in every Black community across this country and there is no outrage from White people. If there was it would not happen. When White people don’t like something they do something about it. It stand to reason that since this is so common they agree with it.

      1. So you are blaming white people of all of this? The same white people who FREED your people from slavery, if you don’t like how you are treated here, go to Africa, and see how well you are treated there. Where they kidnap BLACK girls and SELL them into slavery, where you are in poverty. Grow up.

        1. If you are not an African American women or man, then keep your ignorant comments to yourself. You can’t possibly understand racism if you haven’t be the victim of it. Just so you have the correct information…White people didn’t free us, the constitution/laws demanded it, and it’s called Equality for all races. Why don’t you take a trip to Africa and see how you’re treated then come back to this site and make a statement, then maybe you will make some kinda sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. i think if someone is told their opinion or thoughts are not welcomed because of the color of their skin, then they have experienced some racism. not that i fully agree with any commenters here, but that blatant irony and hypocrisy in your comment needed to be called out. go ahead an reject someone’s viewpoint, but do it with some class.

          2. Your first sentence contains racism. Are you saying that because someone is not an
            “African American women or man” (grammar??) they do not have the right to voice their ignorant comments or are you saying that only those who are not “African American women or man” have ignorance in their comments. Either way both of these scenarios contain much racism and misplaced prejudice. Also it doesn’t make sense to say “go to Africa and see how they treat you.”
            There are a lot of vastly different cultures in Africa, many of which I know for sure love white people in almost a reverse racist kind of way. (Egypt, South Africa, etc.)

          3. The Constitution once declared you only 3/5’s of a human. It was the actions of other humans that freed the slaves, their color being of no concern.

          4. REALLY? REALLY?? So the only way you can experience racism is to be BLACK? ***THAT*** is probably the MOST RACIST statement you could make! I have seen it everywhere. I have seen it against every people group. Look up what happened to the Irish. Look what happened to the Chinese. Heck, what about the Jews? Remember that thing called the holocaust? To declare it can only happen to blacks is short sighted and, if you are overlooking the true scope of the issue for self-interest, borderline evil. It has happened to me on several occasions and on each occasion I have done something when I could and shaken my head when I couldn’t, but then I have moved on. I have gone further in life than those that would hold me down, but only because I did not hold on to the hurt. I got up and moved on.
            I have been to Africa. I have been around the world twice. I have been to Egypt, Kenya, and more than a few places on that continent I cannot spell. I was treated the same as any other place, well by most, and not so well by a few. Probably the worst was in Paris France, but that is a story for another time.
            Also, you say it was not the whites that set blacks free, but it was what the constitution/laws demanded.
            Now I know there has been quite a bit or revisionist history out there, but the Constitution ratified June 21, 1788 and became the law of the land March 4, 1789. Slaves were not freed until June 19, 1865. If that much time passed between the two dates then either someONE (or someONES) tried to do something closer to the end, or are you espousing an evolutionary view that states the Constitution changed itself slowly over a long period of time? Either way, you might want to take another look at your position on the subject and do a reevaluation.

          5. Every race has been a slave in their life time. Don’t try to play the slavery card or race card. Learn your history and you might learn that a lot of people were being miss treated not just in America but EVERYWHERE. The Irish (who are white people), Asians, Hispanics, Native American Indians, the list goes on. Most black people are still trying to blame others why they cannot succeed in life when they only have themselves to blame. Those that do make something of themselves and do not act the stereotypical way black people act are called racist remarks by their own race. Why is that? Because they want to better themselves and actually contribute to society instead of acting all thuggish?

          6. @My3Peez
            And pray tell us who the hell in Congress at the time the Constitution was changed was BLACK sitting in the Halls of Government who PASSED that law that you cling to?
            Al Sharpton? Everyone in the chamber who voted on the Amendment WAS White! So you should be the one to go back to schoool ad get the Education. Did you think it was BLACK miracle that it just all of a suddend apeared ?
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          7. I disagree with you only on the fact the you said if you are not African American don’t reply. I am deeply sorry to tell you this, but African American’s can be racist too. I have been a victim of it through racial comments and once mugged by two African American adults throwing racial slurs my way. And while we are talking about “African American’s”, what part of Africa did you come from to be now be an American? Example: Irish Americans came from Ireland. That goes for all people who were born elsewhere and have moved to America. If you did not come from another country, you are simply an American like the rest of us. Good day all.

          8. It was African warlords who created black slavery in the world, but many cultures had some sort of bond servants, concubines, and other forms of bondage and servitude for centuries before.

            Let’s call this what it is…. the militarization of our police forces and the willingness of the people to give up their liberties for a little false sense of security to a sector of government tasked with controlling us.

            How quickly we forget how such things as the Holocaust and the illimination of 6 million Jews occurred in a country once enjoying the fruits of liberty.

            Let’s make it about black and white and perhaps we can join that list of infamy as well some day soon. Hitler had his Brown Shirts, the SS and the Hitler Youth, we have TSA, DHS (and 17 other alphabet agencies), the IRS, and SWAT.

            Add a nation divided against itself and you have the perfect storm

        2. Stitch, first of all you didn’t free of from slavery. This country is a country of imagrants. There were free black people in this country well before the white British and Europeans came to this country. I’m not going to give you a true history lesson because you wouldn’t unsterstand and I’m not going to waste too much knowledge on you, but know this, we have just as much rights here as you do. Before you start to write some make sure you sound somewhat intelligent. Thank you and you are welcome!

          1. Major, if you are going to make the argument that you are “not going to give a true history lesson{, and you are “not going to waste too much knowledge” on some one, don’t you think you should be able to use correct grammar, spelling, and put a coherent sentence together first? I believe you are the person in this case who needs to “make sure you sound somewhat intelligent.” Sorry, but it had to be said.

        3. The same white people that “freed” our people?! How can the people that created slavery then get credited for freeing what they enslaved in the first place? Wow…ignorance is alive and well.

          1. If you knew anything about history, you would not make that statement. THAT’S what makes you a jackass.

          2. What bothers me about the (and I’m assuming they are) black people posting here, is that all though you don’t want “white” people to stereotype and make assumptions about “black” people, you feel it is ok for you to stereotype and make assumptions about “white” people. Equality goes two ways folks! I am “white” , and I have spoken out and demonstrated about the way our society in general treats “blacks”, and I will continue to do so. However, I think it’s awful poor form to lash out at people who are trying to help you. Just sayin’.

          3. CB…maybe you don’t know your history, but africans were enslaving africans LONG before the whites got involved with the trade. It was africans that sold their fellow africans as slaves to the whites here, so don’t even start saying it was whites that started the trade. We only got involved with the trade, and Abraham Lincoln DID write up the Emancipation Proclamation and ordered all slaves to be freed in the South and across America. Do they still teach actual history, or is it now all revisionist?

          4. It was not the same people- the constitution was signed into the law of the land nearly 100 years before the slaces were freed by an amendment to that same constitution. That amendment was written and approved by a whole other set of white men.

          5. Really so who are these white people that created slavery? That is the most ignorant statement I have read in a long time. Where the Egyptians that enslaved the Jews white? I think not. Slavery has been around since the dawn of man and the first man was not white. Get a clue and then make a statement worthy of posting.

        4. In other news, local man loses sides.

          XDXD Oh my GOD you are stupid….Wait, you think we should thank white people for freeing blacks from being enslaved? When ya’ll were the ones who enslaved us to begin with?

          Okay, you are the problem and you blame the victims for not thanking you for freeing them? You legit must be seven flavors of foolish.

          1. Hellooooo, You’re not slaves anymore!!! Get over that mentality you may get somewhere! Stop using it as a poor me, you owe us, victim shield. This generation owes you nothing.

          2. in 1563 AD the black people was slaves in Africa way before the white people ever enslaved the black people! the black people was brought to america in the year around 1627 to 1650 or so. I know my history because that’s what I study in.

          3. most of you are forgetting the fact that is was rival tribes who sold each other to the WHITES to begin with. This whole topic is bullshit. I am tired of all the drama that comes with anyone who is white doing something wrong to a black and not the opposite. I truly think that blacks are twice as racist towards whites because they know a white person is not allowed to pull the race card. If a white person makes an off color comment it is racist but if a black person makes an off color comment it is funny. WTF. this would all end if people could just learn to move on but we cant because of slavery which ended 150 years ago. This must not be enough time. Fact is that we are only talking about this girl getting wronged by the asshole fucking cops, all of which are in the same category, is because she is black. If she were white you would not hear about it at all. What would happen if she were half white and half black? would we only hear half the story?

        5. Mantan, they still teach a watered down history – which you obviously learn. If you actually read the Emancipation proclamation, you would know that it only freed slaves in rebel territories (i.e. people outside what was then US controlled borders). It was a tactic and not a sincere attempt at anything. It was not until the war ended and 1% of the Northern population but 10% of the Northern army (African Americans free since before the founding of this nation and former slaves) that fought for the freedom of all enslaved people demanded the end of slavery that slavery was finally ended in this nation.

          We also did more that just get involved in the trade, we were the trade. We were the last industrialized nation to end slavery as a practice.

        6. Listen up Stitch, you moron. First and foremost ALL DNA has been traced back to one place. AFRICA!!! Which means you too, by proxy are from Africa. So if you, who are from Us, don’t like it, then U idiot, go back to Africa!!! Also, are you one of the inbreds that think white northerners fought to free enslaved humans because of a noble cause? READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!!! So please read, if you can! But until then i’ll just give you a summary. The north was enraged with slavery because it gave the south and unfair economical advantage. In the northern states, for the most part, ppl were paid a fair wage for their work. In the southern states, they were profiting from free labor. As a group the northern states new that it was only a matter of time before the southern states would become more affluential and powerful. They demanded that slavery end based on that ideology. The southern states of course refused….blah blah blah…the Civil War!! So do us all a favor and go back to Africa via Europe where u dwelled in caves, then finally to Africa where the world learned the high sciences. Enjoy the rest of your day.

        7. Stitch did he say he was blaming white people? He said there is NO outrage from whites so stop twisting his words around. You didn’t free us and we still ARE NOT FREE. 2nd We are NOT AFRICANS WE ARE HEBREW ISRAELITES AND I HAVE THE PROOF. Who is kidnapping girls WE AREN’T We have nothing to do with Africans. WE are not African Americans named after 2 continents who were conquered and named after 2 white men. We are the Biblical Israelites get that right.

        8. Africa didn’t benefit from slavery like america did, indians and mexicans lost land and a few lives but blacks lost every part of our history. Was it a choice? Blacks built what every immigrant come to enjoy today. Freedom and equality is the sales pitch but it’s another lie that’s told by whites to feel less heartless toward Blacks. Have you every heard a POLICE DOG ATTACKING a white girl or boy for that matter? IJA I’m just asking

        9. This is for Stitch. You are the total idiot. You need to grow up. My feeling is that your education ended somewhere at the elementary level.

        10. This is the fruits of drinking and getting drunk..Under these circumstances, these awful things can erupt. Sure, she mouth off, why!!!Because she was drunk, and the booze told her give them put off.Now when any idiot knows when the police shows with dogs, regardless if u are drunk r not, the sight of dogs should have jarred the hell out of them..Instant soberness, and definite respect for the authority..So now she’s suffering from severe dog bites…I don’t blame the authorities, alcohol was the cause of this incident and she’s suffering the consequences…

        11. Stitch
          first off white people did not free Black people we fought for and earned our freedom along side like minded individuals who believed that all men are created equal Two we do not know what color the officers were the article does not elaborate on color Three. The issue at hand is the police officers did not have to let the dog loose if the Woman was already in custody. And finally one cannot go back to a place where they never came from!! Black people do not ask white people to go back to Europe do they? which is where all white Americans came from.

        12. So, let me get this straight….I am supposed to be happy somebody freed my ass from something THEY put me into and that I NEVER asked to be CHAINED into in the first place? GTFOHWTBS! Next time: Don’t do my people any damn favors. THEN we won’t have to thank you for freeing no damn body. How ’bout that? YOU go back to where YOUR great-great-great-grandfather came from. #ignorantasspeople #sitchoassdownsomewhere

          Back to the regularly scheduled program….whether the officer is black or white, it doesn’t matter. This is a CLEAR case of police brutality. If the child is restrained enough on the ground for you to HOLD her down and let the dogs attack her, then there was NO NEED TO LET THE DOGS ATTACK HER. I hope she sues the badge off his ass!

          1. Lynn.Payton

            January 30, 2015 at 11:34 am

            So, let me get this straight….I am supposed to be happy somebody freed my ass from something THEY put me into and that I NEVER asked to be CHAINED into in the first place?

            Lynn you were never a slave so yes be happy and be assured that is was not a white man that took the first slave of any national origin.

        13. @Stitch actually cunt honkeys didnt free us from american slavery a half breed did, but most of you pale faced bitches have life confused.. you have never been the majority any where in this planet. You think your safe from what these pussies in uniforms do,, no we out number everything on this planet and this is the age of no more bullshit, this is the end of all of that weak shit like your comment and the acts of those cowards above… i mean really ask your self if the pussies before you couldnt build this country without the original man how in the hell can your pitiful pale colored bitches really survive….your time is dead and there will be no turning cheeks, there will be no peace until justice is shown… white is not even real, its not a blood line its not a tribe its as valid as a ren and stimpy cartoon and after dark cartoons are CUT!!!!

          1. Hate Racists

            January 30, 2015 at 6:54 pm

            @Stitch actually cunt honkeys didnt free us from american slavery a half breed did, but most of you pale faced bitches have life confused

            Hate Racists… those are some racists remarks you have made. Racists much?

        14. So now black people are to be grateful ??

          Slavery was initiated for white peoples economic gain as property, better check those archaic State of Virginia laws rendering a black
          person only a percentage of being a person.

          1. Once again white people did not invent slavery just perpetuated what was happening for centuries. Many different people were enslaved over the centuries not just black people And be sure to know that slavery continues to this day around the globe. We had a Saudi Royal family member visit our home to meet with my father and see our falcon breeding project and with him was a man named Mohamed and Mohamed was his indentured servant since the Mohamed was born to his indentured servant mother. My father would not allow Mohamed to serve us but rather had my younger brother and myself serve coffee and food. Mohamed was the Princes slave and most likely is to this day.

        15. White people didn’t “free” anyone from anything. White people enslaved other humans. GOD freed people from white brutality. If we don’t like the way we are so badly treated in the country of our birth, there is no reason for us to LEAVE it. We need to stand up and fight BACK. People like you, “Stitch” are the problem with this country. You’re BULLIES. BULLIES need to be stopped in their tracks. Who ever heard of the victim leaving and allowing the bully to take over?!

        16. It’s ironic to me that people use the conditions of Africa to justify the conditions of black people in the United States. That only serves to support the allegation of racism, unless you think the slave trade and years of colonial exploitation by pale faced people had no real impact on the region. I also suppose you assume that every slave was taken by ship to the New World and sold into slavery, they were bred for generations, families sold torn apart. They were born in the United States and bred like cattle by plantation masters who wanted their finest bulls to mate with the finest of cows. And what enraged the plantation owners wasn’t freeing the slaves but giving them the right of citizenship because they’d been born in the United States. With that citizenship they were allowed to own property.
          The other nuance of your post white people didn’t free black people from slavery in fact black people in many cases freed themselves, then kidnapped from or returned to slavery by rule of law. The war was about the economics of the south and the north disempowered by wealth saturation in the south, most of that property wealth was slaves. The south had the majority of wealth but with that wealth influenced the tax code (of that time) to left the burden of revenue for a new nation on the backs of the north.

          I agree with the original post you don’t understand what it’s like to experience racism, unless you’re a minority. The fear white people have of those “inner cities” is nothing more than a racial bias rooted in their feeling like a minority. The police who won’t go into certain neighborhoods again a racial bias because while empowered they feel like the minority, they are.

          I doubt this was racial it was a woman at a party who encountered at least one police officer with bad judgment and a mean streak. They are out there and that is why we need cameras, better testing of field viability for officers hired and a general code of conduct.

      2. I agree this is excessive and I would NEVER fight for this country. For what? to keep their damn foot on our necks and keep us oppressed.

      3. DCX,

        1. DO NOT refer to this country as Amerika. That is offensive and rude.

        2. DO NOT generalize. I do not agree with what happened. I believe the officers involved need to be fired and the police dog needs to be put down.

        3. You really should curb your racist nonsense. It isn’t helpful here.

        1. The dog shouldn’t be put down for doing what it was supposed to do, follow the directions of its handler. Fire all the cops involved and get the dog a proper handler.

          1. The dog is only doing what it is trained for and told to do. The word ‘allow’ letting the dog attack? No. Sent to attack. And not acceptable when the person is already down & subdued. The handler of that dog needs to loose the job, not the dog.

      4. This statement “When Black people serve this country, and they have fought in every war that Amerika has fought they still are not considered equals. We are just fighting for White people” This is what is wrong with this country… the racial Bullshit spewed by people is astounding.. its this simple.. WHEN GIVEN AN ORDER BY THE POLICE.. OBEY IT.. it is that dayum simple.. if you obey orders given you wont be shot you wont be beaten up, if you resist you can bet your ass they will use whatever force necessary to gain control of the situation. the officers where responding to a riot type situation. she acted a fool and paid the consiquences of such.. it is unfortunate. the statement about blacks not being treated as equals PROVES you never served. your are simply spreading the racial propeganda to continue damaging the country and further seperate people that need to be coming together for the common good. instead you would rather spread BS.

        1. Soo…Black people should just lay down and act like good niggras when the massa says lay on the ground – even though they’ve done nothing wrong and have no reason to be stopped? White people don’t do that – but they’re not shot or attacked by dogs. Explain.

      5. The dog is only doing what it is trained for and told to do. The word ‘allow’ letting the dog attack? No. Sent to attack. And not acceptable when the person is already down & subdued. The handler of that dog needs to loose the job, not the dog.
        And Yea, keep the race thing out of it. This happens to all races in various parts of the world. Abuse of power and a power breed.

        1. We can’t “keep the race thing out of it”, when she was treated so badly BECAUSE she was a young Black woman. If she’d been blonde and blue eyed, there would be nothing to report. She would have been allowed to just walk away. This IS a “race thing”. Stop acting dumb to race hate.

      6. The Minister DCX you obviously are not from America or you would know how to spell it. Or was that done on purpose to show disrespect?
        At any rate, this behavior by the police should never be condoned, no matter what race you are.
        They should all lose their jobs.

      7. This also happens in non-black communities as well. If the police show up to a 35-person brawl and one of the party-goers is combative and refuses police directives, they are going to do what they need to do. Skin color won’t matter (reference Iowa State University Veisha riots). Sounds to me like she was intoxicated and even after they had her on the ground she was fighting them.

        And YOU “minister” are racist, pure and simple. Your words are divisive and do nothing but encourage hatred.

    2. Why did this discussion automatically become about race? There are many more issues about this story that need to be addressed ESPECIALLY with police procedure!

    3. You are an idiot, the police needed to determine if SHE was involved in the fight.She acted like an animal.However i don’t believe there was any need for the dog to be used to subdue her.

    4. Sure coming from someone you can’t spell force. First of all Mr do gooder, YOU were not there. There was obviously more to the story. Simply let her walk away? Yeah that sends a good message, just ignore police and they will let you walk away. Of course her story will be that they were doing nothing and the police attacked her. But you will find that she was being a typical know it all and loud mouth taunting the police. She should not have resisted. And again to all those who cry foul. Don’t want to get hurt??? DON’T DO CRIME OR FIGHT WITH THE POLICE. You think all these morons would know by now

    5. There’s always been back and forth fight between white and blacks but I’d like to make a distinction clear to both sides. When black people talk about a racist issues they are speaking for all blacks and when white people talk about racism they’re not referring to all whites, just themselves or their small subset. So, if you would please use that insight when interpreting written comments each side wouldn’t be generalizing everything.

      I’d like to say that I’m really getting tired of hearing about black people using the color of their skin as a reason why these bad things just happen to happen to them over and over again. Why in her right mind did she think she had the “right” not to answer the police questions or just continue to walk away! It wasn’t a question, it was a command! They are the authority and they have the right to ask that of her. No matter what her reason for not doing so they had the right to arrest her, she resisted and what happened afterwards is what happens when you resist arrest and especially in a mob of people. My God she could have beens shot! Or does she and her family still feel justified in her response to the police officers!

      You know who I really feel sorry for in this situation is the K9 that attacked her. I want everyone to realize that that dog is a police tool, a weapon…a weaponized dog, trained to attack but its not trained to attack on its own. It is supposed to rely on its handler for commands. What I’m saying, in plain English here, is that it is not the dog’s fault what ensued, but the handler, and therefore the police departments fault because that police k9 handler works for them and his training is their responsibility…so please don’t blame the dog.

      Also since everyone else is commenting about slavery I’d like to also. My great, great, great…maybe even greater, grandfather was in essence a slave and he was also white. Then the terminology was “indentured servant” because he was white and not black. This was the same time of slavery in the USA. I don’t know the all the details, but I wonder if a white indentured servant costs more than a black man of similar good physical health? Did they work in the fields together, or because of his white skin was he a hand servant instead of a field negro? (I think those were the terms back in the day) The only difference I can figure out is that the white servant actually asked to be in that predicament by virtually selling himself into slavery probably to pay off his voyage over from England to come to the colonies so he might better his life by getting some free land. If you study cultures from all over the world in those day it was not just blacks that were slaves, black slaves were just cheaper by the dozen and therefore more cost effective. The downside was you have to civilize them, cause they were “just off the boat” (factual terminology, coined in that time period). If you bought a white slave they might even be literate, but usually someone of such “low class” status was not.
      Please stop teaching your children to hate themselves, when you do you determine their mindset from birth and hate lives on. Teach them the full history that includes information like that I’ve just posted then black children will understand that what happened in history was not because they had black skin…it was economics!

    6. Yes, that’s exactly what the police should do. As soon as someone starts resisting they should just let them walk away. Dumbass.

      1. This wasn’t a civil rights movement, it was a party in a college town. Yes, it was 100% excessive force to let the dog go. However, if she had stopped walking away from the cops and just answered their questions without being “loud” about it all of this could have been avoided.

        1. These dogs should never have been released. It was laziness on the part of the officers on the scene. this easily could have been life threatening injuries if the dog lacerated an artery near her groin or behind her knee.. The policy of using dogs to control crowds reminds me of what was used against civil rights protests in the 1950s and 1960s. What next, water cannons? Very disgraceful.

        2. There was no reason that the police couldn’t have turned and walked away themselves since the girl told them she had nothing to tell them. They just want to bully black people I think.

    1. SSG Johnson,


      It’s also completely unlawful to use dogs on a restrained suspect. It shows a lack of judgment on the part of the officers and failure to train on the part of the department.

      Due to the viciousness of the attack, and they way it was carried out, the only proper way to handle this is to fire the officers who allowed the attack to happen; fire their commanding officer; and put down the dog in question.

      Aside from that, the victim of the attack needs to file a MASSIVE lawsuit against the department and each officer involved.

    2. Where the heck is anyone going to get horse/mounted patrol at 2am in the morning! Anyways, this wasn’t crowd control, like at a parade, it was a mob…that means they were already fighting. The K9 is used to remind people that if you run, you will get chased down!

    1. First of all she wasn’t I involved with the fight she didn’t need to answer any questions. Regardless if she was there or not. I’ve been at places and didn’t see who started it or how it finished because I was doing my own thing. They should be sued and fired! Point blank!!!!!

      1. You are an idiot, how do YOU know that she wasn’t involved? The police were INVESTIGATING a crime, they had just arrived. What do you expect the guilty ones to just run over to the cops screaming “i did it, arrest me!!”

      2. Point Blank, answer this question…
        A fight broke out, the police were called and it take X amount of minutes for them to arrive. Why was she and her friends still at the event by then? Shouldn’t they have said to themselves, this is dangerous I’d better take my ass on home? No, they were still around long enough to get sucker punched and still around to talk about it together, and still around when the police came! I hope they enjoyed the show. Was it worth it? Next time when a cop asks you a direct question, answer him and be helpful, not disrespectful!

      1. No they treat their dogs better than the so called blacks because we are the real Biblical Hebrews,,,,,yeah I”m putting it out there.

      2. DCX,

        Your racist prattle is unnecessary. You need to stop commenting until you learn to stop the race hate.

        You’ve lost the respect of everybody who has seen your mindless babble.

        1. He has not lost anyone’s respect. Matter of Fact every statement he said is dead on correct. Just because he speaks the truth and you don’t like it because it surely makes white people look like depraved minds, does not mean it is wrong or racist. It is the truth!

  1. Two things went wrong here – the cops releasing a dog on her is excessive and she should have cooperated. What I’m reading from this article is that she didn’t want to be questioned by the police, so she was combative. The responsible thing would have been to tell the police officer “I was not involved” and to stand her ground on that. And if they tried to arrest her, DON’T RESIST! Get processed and GO HOME. Again, let me repeat – the dogs being released on her was excessive, but she should know better than to resist arrest. The cops may have to explain the dogs, but she’s going to have to explain resisting arrest to a judge and her command. So everybody loses.

    1. While i agree with most of your comment, i disagree on the resisting arrest. How can you get charged with resisting arrest if there isn’t any other charges? I can’t resist arrest if I’m not being arrested for a suspected crime. Unfortunately i see many ppl here in Florida being arrested and their only charge is resisting arrest!this is abuse of power and false arrest!

      1. You can be arrested for resisting arrest if an officer asks to speak to you and you refuse to comply. I don’t understand why so many people have a hard time understanding that. If you are being “loud” when an officer has asked you to stop then you will be arrested. And also, she can be charged with disorderly conduct and then resisting arrest. If an officer asks you to stop, you stop. Simple as that! II’m so sick of people trying to argue that these officers were using excessive force. If you have never been in that area you don’t know what it is like. Countless people have been injured and killed in that area during situations like this and to make a scene and to be “loud” while officers are trying to speak to you is something that would make anyone uncomfortable in that area. Norfolk State and the area it is in, is absolutely terrible and full of ghetto (white, black, green, red, purple) people and the police go in expecting the worst because of the past.

        1. Because of the PAST?? Aren’t they assuming to expect the worse. It could have been a lot easier and better had they not attacked her with a dog..SUE the hell out of them.

      2. No its not! That’s false and shows how much you know about the law. She doesn’t have the right to refuse to answer the police officers questions. Once she says she’s not answering the questions she is deemed to be part of the problem, in this case the mob and fighting. She probably got punched in the face for opening her big mouth anyways, when she should have left the party, saw a mob and went straight home.
        You know someone’s got this on video! I challenge anyone to post a video! That’s the truth I want to see, not the rantings of half truths and fairytales!

    2. You do not have to answer any questions the cops ask you, if you don’t want to. Why do you think they have to read you your Maranda rights. All one has to do is say I refuse to answer any questions or carry the following with you. I do because these cops have lost their cotton picking minds and unless the people come together and raise their voices against it’s only going to get worse.
      “I Assert My Fifth Amendment Rights As Stated Below”
      Pursuant to the law, as established by the United States Supreme Court, my lawyer has advised me not to talk to anyone and not to answer questions about any pending criminal case or any other civil, administrative, judicial, investigatory or adjudicatory matters. Following his advice, I do not wish to talk to anyone about any criminal, civil, administrative, judicial, investigarory or adjudicatory matter, without my lawyer present. I waive no legal rights, nor give any consents, nor submit to any tests or other procedures, without my lawer present. I ask that no one question or talk to me, without my lawer here to advise me.
      I do not wish to answer any questions. I want to see my lawyer.
      Please call my lawyer immediately.

      See: Miranda v. Arizona, 86 S.Ct. 16o2, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), Maness v, Myers, 419 U.S.
      449 (1975), Hoffman v. United States, 341 U.S. 479, (1951), Lefkowitz v. Turley,
      414 U.S.
      70, 77 (1973), Kastigar v, United States, 406 U<S< 441 (1972).

        1. I had to laugh at that long “miranda” speech because some people are so unknowledgeable about the law, but are quick to quote something like that.

          1. Well you two fools are complete idiots. Debbie and lww. If she was not being arrested than why should she comply with anything so weather you want to call Miranda Rights or a damn Rose SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANYTHING ! ITS IN THE CONSTITUTION. By that means if she was arrested little darlings therefore SHE STILL DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANYTHING ; MIRANDA RIGHTS!

        1. You have no point of view; just knee jerk reactions to opinions you do not like; post something of relevance and substantive which validates your mental competence.

      1. If you’re not under arrest already and you pull that stunt you’ll soon be arrested. If you’re not guilty of anything then just answer the police officers questions respectfully and don’t be combative and you’ll not get arrested.

    3. why does she have to explain ‘resisting arrest” when she wasn’t resisting at all? She wasn’t involved and didn’t want to speak on it who is to say she saw anything?

      1. Wouldn’t that be great, everyone can just go commit any crime they want and when any law enforcement comes to question them (to determine if they were involved) they just magically say “i wasn’t involved” and walk away. You live in some bizarre fantasy land.

        1. Competent police officers know how to execute an investigation with a modicum of objectivity; they were to anxious to be tactical. I am surprised she was not shot.

      2. She was involved. She got punched in the face, remember? The cops didn’t know that automatically when they arrived on the scene. She should have told them that but instead she started raging at the cops! Blatant disrespect for the law!

  2. I have questions from a neutral pov – if she was not involved with the situation – why was she loud and outspoken? Next, if she didn’t have anything to add to situation why not calmly state this to the officer – then request to continue on her way. As a military person – she is(should be) trained to access a situation then work to help control the crowd. She is studying sociology (again involving handling people out of the norm) which deals with sometimes people with anger issues. She must have studied how to defuse certain situations. Now about the use of the dog – right or wrong!! Is it better to be bit and live than to be shot and died? Too many of our young people are being shot for no reason (in situations like this one) and not live. Two wrongs don’t make a right but no wrong is left unanswered.

    1. She was probably drunk. She was leaving a party and it was after 2:00 am. She was likely ranting to the police. As a sociology major she studies people and cultural patterns. With the recent events, there is plenty reason for her to become emotional. It is very hard to filter out your emotions when you are drunk. Don’t believe me? Ask any of your friends if they “drunk dialed” their ex.

    2. In that case you are putting all of the burden of crowd control and de-escalation on this young woman. Though she is in some military capacity and a sociology major we do not know how far she has studied to manage a crowd for the police. On the other hand , the professionals who have been doing this for living who have completed training who have also gained experience from I suppose doing the job on a daily basis, you leave them blameless. I am baffled , It is not the police duty to deescalate a situation and find the best option of safety and resolve for ALL involved. Protect and serve it is on their Id not hers.

      1. I meant “Is it not the police duty to deescalate a situation and find the best option of safety and resolve for All involved?”

      2. Simply put, she should have know better. If you’re ever in a situation like this have some common sense and don’t be combative.

  3. Ironic this is happening and the movie Selma is out!Two grown a$$ policeman cannot restrain a college student without the use of a police dog,really!All police officers need to be retrained in takedowns and retraint techniques!

  4. They DiD Not have to let that dog eat her up alive!! I can’t believe they would let a dog attack someone like this.. when did they think enough was enough??? WoW, just sickening!!

    1. You obviously don’t know anything about dog bites. This is not a major dog bite from a German shepherd. And I would bet that it is so large due to her resisting and struggling when it bit into her. These dogs bite once and release, they do not continue to attack so wounds this large would only happen if the person was moving around when the dog bit down.


        1. 1. Fix your shift key. It’s stuck. Using caps is considered yelling and it isn’t necessary.

          2. “U” is a letter not a word.

          3. Nobody likes what the cops did but playing the race card is in appropriate and unacceptable. Shame on you for doing it.

          4. Pass a basic English class before commenting on message boards.


          2. Btw, way the whole incident has race all over it . Since they don’t do this to large crowds which I have seen with my own eyes of WHITE STUDENTS at parties from ODU with some of the worst behavior towards cops I have ever seen….than this should not have been done here….RACE ALL OVER IT.

        2. I know about dog bites and this dog bite down twice and twisted the second time. I can tell that because its not just a puncture wound, this dog was trying to keep her down and still, as its been trained to do. Good job K9! You’ve done your job and did it well. Too bad you handler isn’t trained very well. I think his commander said he’ll be disciplined from within the department…She had something to do with the fight, she got punched in the face! She was not only loud (and I contend that it was her loud mouth that got her punched in the face in the first place!) she was also combatant. Means resisting.

      2. Oh so she knows all this about dogs , all of sudden this woman is suppose to be knowledgeable in 20 different languages, be Mother Teresa, Sociologist , Law enforcement specialist and now a damn dog whisperer ! Most people no all people who don’t have your dog knowledge idiot will twist and turn if some racist subhuman cop send a dog after them.

        1. Oh well! Best not get yourself in that situation in the first place! She’ll never know much about anything because like you she’s all twisted mentally and can’t use or doesn’t possess, common sense. Reasonable people are expected to use that in circumstances like these but she made countless mistakes. Maybe next time she’ll stay away from drunken parties.

  5. I have questions….Since when does an Army private NOT know how to comply with orders? I wonder what the Army will have to say about her combativeness with law enforcement? Did she not READ her enlistment contract? This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with defiance of authority. I agree with the statements that it was excessive to loose the dog–not arguing with that in any way–but it wouldn’t have been necessary if she’d behaved like the soldier she is supposed to be.

      1. Because black people are NEVER guilty of ANYTHING in your little fantasy world. If she wasn’t behaving like an animal she wouldn’t have been arrested OR bit by the dog.

      2. The plain and simple and I add intelligent thing to do would have been to comply with police demands. I guess she made the wrong decisions that night.

    1. YES, Im so sick of white people always trying to find a way to blame the victim(BLACK). Black people are not perfect people and WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE, TO BE TREATED EQUALLY IN A COUNTRY THAT WE WERE KIDNAPPED TO BE HERE AND THAN BUILD ON OUR BACKS WITH NO COMPENSATION. OUR ANCESTORS PAID THE BILL ALREADY FOR OUR EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE, AND FOR US TO DESERVE EQUAL JUSTICE! So don’t you dare scum , try to blame this young lady for racist , depraved cops for what they did WRONG.

        1. Oh, wow, I never realized that all those Dutch, English, and French captains who sailed into African Harbors were forced to purchase those slaves! I can sleep easy now, knowing that my ancestors were perfectly innocent of any bad intent!

        2. And white people thought it necessary to go to Africa and look for a sale ? You people are responsible for world genocide. Tell that to the Native Americans who were purposely evicted from their lands and decimated. One of the most disturbing things is genocide perpetrated thru the drug trade. Your opinions are made for you by the press and other media outlets. You truths are formulated by that industry; you are told what to think and believe, hence the big divide between all people. History books indicate Christopher Columbus “discovered” America. So no one was here when he got here??

    2. 100% agree!
      Some people only use the uniform for an income because its the best job they can get and do not deserve to wear it any longer! Some other people wear the uniform because its an honor. I like those people.
      (watch someone slap some color on that one!)

  6. Stop blaming the victim. Regardless to the circumstances, it surely doesn’t seem like police dog intervention was necessary. Nor does it seem like the police needed to shoot and kill her. Police have badges, phones, batons, Tasers, and guns to bring large crowds of people under control. I hope Ms. Colvin wins her claim in a court of law. Make the police pay!

    1. Where does it say that she was shot and killed? Where does it even mention anyone being shot or shots being fired? Keep the argument relevant!

      1. Stop playing your stupid game idiot , you knew exactly what he meant. If you don’t go back to grade school before commenting on the Internet.

    2. Use of the police dog has been covered already…it was in the article. She will sue and probably get lots of money but that doesn’t make her actions right. She did resist arrest and was combative by omission of the people there and her family who commented That’s what we’re discussing here.

  7. I am perplexed as to how her status as an E-3 Army Reservist is seminal at all. The scenario as laid out in the article has absolutely nothing to do with the Reserve component. She was at a party at school in Norfolk; not in a training status at Belvoir. has it reached a point that it is more sensationalized if the author appends a linkage to the armed forces?

    1. That the thing about being in the military, on or off duty you have to uphold the laws of this land and do it honorably. Ignorance of those laws is not an option.

  8. This is wrong and disgusting on the USUAL levels.
    Those levels are the use of force by badged bullies who are full of anger and resentments at human beings~~a higher life form than they are.
    And, that is just for starters.
    I have no doubt that these bullies were white as is the typical situation when black people are beaten, tazed, murdered and/or raped and just butchered.
    The dog was INTENTIONALLY used to cause severe injury to this human being.
    Any charges that were/will be brought against this decent human being are the usual and trumped up charges used ONLY to cover their corrupt asses.
    She might have been speaking loud due to alcohol butt, that is NOT a crime.
    I sincerely hope that she will heal although, she will NEVER heal from this intentional butchery by punks with badges and empty scrotii.
    The time is way past that these scumbags be made to pay out of their own pockets rather than ours. That would stop most of this except for the true psychos who actually do seek to become cops so that they can act out their hate and racism.
    I am a white guy who has no criminal record, owns a home and a business.
    More people who are white need to jump all the way into this cop war against humans who are mostly black men, women and children.
    To many caucasians either are too ignorant to see the truth or are goddamn rcists and don’t care.
    Finally, don’t you know that these PIGS laughed all the way to the sty<station about this? Yes, that is what they are.
    Soldier, I wish you all the best. You serve your country and should be treated with the respect you deserve.

    1. You are a PIG for calling those who protect our streets pigs. If you are not familiar with the area, Norfolk is largely a black community and the police are mainly black as well. In the last 21 years 7 officers have been killed by gunfire in the Norfolk police department and many times it was during situation like this one. Stop instigating the racist propaganda that the media is shoving down our throats!

      1. Oh so since Norfolk is largely a “black area” justifies this act. Calling American Veteran a pig tells me how racist you are.

        1. I didn’t know that Norfolk was predominantly black. I also didn’t know if the police force is mainly black also. That changes this from being a racist thing now doesn’t it? Its just black killing blacks in this community…remember, you can’t fix stupid!
          I support our troops but lets be straight, not all American Veterans spew gold out of the mouths, sometimes it utter Sh*T!

      2. 123 you stupid fool. I am familiar with the area , and I believe at least twice white police officers killed other police officers who were black , because of their racist views. If a cop is not doing his job to protect and serve people but instead is a racist and doing harm to the citizens they are PAID to protect than yes by every means they are PIGS. We are not talking about good cops we are talking about so called cops who attacked this young woman like an animal simply because as you stated it was a black community. And I can guarantee the cops who did this to her were not BLACK. NO one is instigating anything racist cops and vigilantes are doing these depraved and subhuman acts on their own with out the help of anyone! Maybe if more white people would start instigating as decent humans and stop making excuses for this type of behavior and step and help stop it we wouldn’t be worrying about so called propaganda from media. America , could be better than this I have friends overseas who see this country as scary! White and black….America is Scary because of the racist hate that has been on the news. Btw you LIAR , I know that community very well it is not like ODU , it is a very quiet and peaceful area.

        1. “Maybe if more white people would start instigating as decent humans and stop making excuses for this type of behavior and step and help stop it we wouldn’t be worrying about so called propaganda from media.”
          We did that in the civil war and look at the posts here that thank the white people that did step up? I doubt they were the same people buying and selling slaves, right? You had to be rich to own slaves, not all white men are. Then there’s the civil rights movement in the 60’s. Black people seem to drown out the voices of the many, many white people who stood up and stood out to make the difference happen. What you say, is that true? Yes its true. When they sat at that Woolworth lunch counter, most were white, when they marched down the street the white people were using their bodies as human shields, wedging themselves between the cops and the black person. There are good people that are not racist and can see racism when it stares them in the face. Can you? Is it really because she’s black? In my neighborhood people would be jumping in to assist the cops in any investigation. I guess that my neighborhood is different, to say the least? People actually care about what happens here. I think in that area they are waiting of someone else to come in, step up and make it right….again!

    2. So the animals at this party (reportedly 35 of them) were fighting and attacking each other in the streets (thats why the police were called there) But you say NOTHING about those animals ?

      1. You have an interesting mind set: you reference the individuals there as animals. What does that say about you and all the other mighty conquers of the planet. White’s have attempted to impose their will on every continent on the globe using either the Vatican (religion) or the real reason: GREED to enslave people. The only country white’s do not have a foot hold in is China, they kicked you out during the Boxer Rebellion and it has been closed to you ever since.

  9. How many times do we have to read “stories” in the newspaper, and the victim’s account of what happened – to know that there is ALWAYS more to it than meets the eye? We weren’t there – we don’t know what happened – but I can almost guarantee you that she was involved *somehow*. Everyone always claims to be innocent, a victim of circumstance, and “wronged”… and 9 times out of 10 it’s not true. This has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with being fed only certain “bits” of a story so the writer can make it look sensational.

    1. Sorry but it has everything to do with RACE. Stop the lies the handwriting is on the wall Double standards for whites and the Hebrews.

    2. Of course she was involved, she had a big damn hole in her leg to prove it. That is besides the point. Years ago I have been to many parties at ODU and TCC and mostly white where students were drunk , loud , clearly resisting arrest, even cursed and threw rocks at police officers and even mooned them. Strong , big football players white boys….COPS DID NOTHING TO THEM. Told them to calm or go home , keep walking of even found friends to take them home. Yet now you want to find a way to blame this young lady ….EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW FOR ALL PEOPLE. That’s how it’s suppose to work, so until it does excuse us Two cents if we don’t give a damn if” there’s a little more to it” just so you can blame the black person.


        2. Why do you require us to comment on them? As best as I can see, you’re trying to say that because there were people in the area that were acting badly, then everyone in the area is fair game for the cops to brutalize.

  10. Granted there is more to the story as many have pointed out in the comments, however, there are also some facts that are being ignored and facts not in evidence are being presumed as such instead.

    What has been established is that two officers already had London Colvin under restraint, on the ground. Yet, still they claimed the reason the canine officer had to deploy the dog was to “restrain the woman so nobody would get hurt.” Obviously that does not make sense. Furthermore she never even had a weapon. Nor is it against the law to talk loudly.

    The degree of disorderly conduct will determine whether the officers even needed to restrain London Colvin in the first place, however, what I find so disturbing about this is that the canine dog was allowed to attack this young woman for no apparent reason. Why?

    Another question that remains unanswered is what happened to the unruly crowd? Was the ‘fighting’ over by the time the police arrived? If the ‘fighting’ had stopped prior to the police arriving, then it would appear the police were out of line. IMHO

    Whatever the case may be, LEOs should not be given a free pass. They need to be held accountable just like everyone else. If they did nothing wrong, then they do not deserve to be punished and vice versa. But there are questions that need answering. Until they are, the police do not get a free-pass nor should they.

    1. Again, playing the race card. Why is that always done. I am sick of it. If you have never been in a situation with a drunk or irate person that has adrenaline flowing, you have no right to condemn the police department. She was combative with the police and non compliant. Itdoes not matter how much they weigh or how big they are. They have strengh. It has been proven that under pressure small people have been know to lift cars. She was just plan stupid and an idiot to resist arrest and fight with the police. And, to think she uses this type of judgment while serving an an active military reservist? I pray she never gets deployed because she will have our soldiers killed with her actions!!! Again, she’s an idiot.

      1. The right to condemn the police actions as far as allowing any unarmed citizen to be victim of a dog attack is relevant excluding race, age, etc. she had multiple officers restraining her for a justified or non justified reason, not a huge problem in “my opinion.” The problem is the real easing of the K-9. I understand we all have our rights to opinions.


        1. COZ,

          Lose the CAPS. You already sound ignorant and uninformed… there is no reason to make worse by yelling.

          Calm down or stop posting.


      3. Sorry but it has everything to do with RACE. Stop the lies the handwriting is on the wall Double standards for whites and the Hebrews.

      4. Wow Debbie i was trying to be objective in empathizing with your rationale for the sequence of events i see now the officers are not the only one that adrenaline is pumping,everyone acts in a manner thats unbecoming in the course of there life you me everybody it happens its called life,that dont make you a bad person its only a bad choice,its unfair to take that 30 minutes of that ladies life and make her out to be a bad soldier nor a bad citizen,conjecture.I wouldnt dare say you are a mean narrow minded person solely because you referred to the young lady as an idiot.Be mindful the police chief agreed that to release that k9 was a very poor decision.Let us all take some valuable lessons from this incident and be more open minded regardless of which side of the fence we are on.

        1. Adam… THANK YOU! You along with serena1313 have been a cpl of the sensible few, that are looking at the situation rather than ethnicity, Creed, sex or color. Whole point is, NONE of us were there! There’s at least 3 sides to every story (My side, your side, others side and the truth). Look at every side people! PFC Colvin: I may or may not have been drinking, I may have been involved, may not have. I’m out having a good time with my friends and these folks messed it up with their mini riot, I’m pissed, we out! Police: ahhh hell, responding to a possible riot situation request K9 unit. Possible witness approaching, may be able to get a better assessment of the situation. Subject seems a bit loud, calm/diffuse situation. PFC Colvin: great, cops…. I’m tired, I may have had too many, I may NOT have, either way; I’m leaving and don’t feel like talking to the cops. Police: she is seemingly loud and disorderly, restrain/retain her until situation is assessed and we can get to the bottom of things. END SCENARIO. Where the Hell the dog got involved is unclear considering the fact that at least 2 officers were involved. 2 officers whom btw had adrenaline pumping as well (Debbie) and are trained to take down large individuals. With that said, the use of the K9 at this point eludes to excessive force. Hell, I’m a 6’2″ 190lb grown ass man and if a trained dog attacks me I would have similar marks, not from resisting arrest, but from the simple fact that a damn dog is attacking me! Now, if PFC Colvin was resisting and if she was being unruly, by all means she will be held accountable under UCMJ and civilian law. However the police should be held accountable for the use of excessive force involving the K9 and prosecuted for such. All in all, everyone held accountable for their actions. As a senior NCO in the army I will say this, if PFC Colvin was unruly or had any involvement in the fight incident, her chain of command has a responsibility to ensure that she understands that type of behavior will NOT be tolerated! As a person of color, I implore all our young people in the black community to represent the legacy of our fore father’s with dignity and pride. As a human being I implore us all to come together and STOP this ignorance and civil unrest! We are one nation under God, right? Reality check…. We are one WORLD under God! Thank you all for your time. Use your minds people, this is a growing problem for us ALL! Ethnicity be damned!

    2. Serena,

      I agree. The use of force in this case was excessive. The canine officer needs to be fired and the dog needs to be put down. The department and the officer need to be sued for all they are worth and then the officer needs to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

      He then needs to serve his sentence in general population.

      1. @ Zykloneus: …and yet DO YOU always want Black people to be condemned and tortured for talking back?

        ISSUE #1:
        (remember the U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment: freedom of speech, 4th Amendment: rights against UNLAWFUL search and Seizure, to which, in this case it appears she was not LAWFULLY detained, 8th Amendment: [cruel and unusual punishment]

        The Virginia Bill of Rights has the same language, in case someone has a particular issue with the differences in jurisdiction or the differences between Federal and State laws.

        ISSUE #2: Race…
        The fact that that she, Ms. Colvin, is a person of African descent, brings a ton similar and current issues with regard to how she was treated. She shouldn’t have been treated in this manner regardless of her race, what she wore, her hairdo, or for any other reason.
        This country has a long history of unfair treatment of people of color, which includes Native American, Hispanic/Latino, the various Asian and Pacific Island peoples, US Virgin Island, African and other darker-skinned European. Some cases, events have occurred as a matter of being in the wrong neighborhood. {read if you dare, “100 Years of Lynchings,” by Ralph Ginzburg, which is a collection of newspaper articles) If you can stomach the information in this book, you might open your eyes. Nonetheless, you appear to just be going along with the fictitious dogma regurgitated by other idiots who hold onto the idea that, “The South Will Rise again!” That war has been over for centuries, so put your damn meaningless flag away.

        This specific issue is clearly an atrocity from the employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and City of Norfolk, whose purpose is to protect and serve the WHOLE public. This act was cowardly, unjust and not within the standards of what most people understand the police to stand for. These deadbeat cops should be punished, personally, to the full extent of the law. Thankfully, Ms. Colvin’s injuries were not more severe and her recovery will be quick. I hope her law suit will be quick as well.

        She had the right NOT to be detained or questioned about an incident she was not involved with. The fact that she was physically detained, then attacked by a dog is beyond belief.
        In the wake of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and many others, why would the police officers at the scene think that this action was or would have turned out to be acceptable?

        Lastly, I am a veteran, an African American. So to your smug response, Yes, she should get a free pass because she is Black and not guilty of any incident.

  11. I was horrified to see and read about what happened to this woman. There is no doubt that what happened to her was discriminant and unlawful. The officers who did this need to be reprimanded. Another large part of the problem is how police officers are being trained in the first place. Police officers across the states are being trained in a more and more militaristic manner. This is our country–not a war zone.

    That being said, I want to add something I feel is very important. And I hope that everyone can stop being defensive long enough to let what I’m saying get through to their hearts and minds. It pains me to see that discussion here, as it usually does around issues of race, become polarized between blacks and whites. When you begin to look at another group of people and see them as a group instead of individuals, you are ruling and and writing off a lot of people you know nothing about.

    Do the biggest and most courageous thing you can do in this situation. Put your prejudices aside for a moment. Imagine that this group of people you feel anger and distaste for is a great pile of multi-colored corn seeds mixed with dirt. Some of the corn is healthy and worth planting and some of it mildewed and must be removed. The dirt is all the mud slinging that each side throughs at one another. It takes a lot of time and patience, but you will learn the value of discrimination. Not the kind that results in the blind racism that occurs when you lump all people belonging to some arbitrary group together– but the ability to see which people are worth planting those seeds with and growing a relationship that nurtures one another. And at the end you will find there are as many kernels that you salvaged from the heap –that are yellow, red, and purple– than the ones you discarded because they were rotten.

    I understand that people are angry, emotions run high, and the wound of racism needs healing, and the first step is toward looking closely at individuals rather than judging someone by color, creed, gender, gender orientation, or what have you.

    Many blessings, and I hope you will consider what I write from the bottom of my heart.

  12. The Police did wrong. But to add race to will be diverting attention from the resl issues-in this case police brutality. Someone leaving a party, may have been drunk, in addition she was not alone there, why didn’t the police talk to her companions if they are merely seeking information. They erred period, and should be reprimanded.

    1. Very we’ll put. Whether race played a part or not, the use of an excessive action such as allowing a dog to attack someone (unarmed) is an outrage.

      1. I agree wholehearedly about the race issue. We are all one people in God’s eyes, no color, he creeated us all equal. Now, saying that, I really wish everyone would not be so quick to jump on what the media states happens because it is 98% frabricated to an extreme so the story will be exciting. In this case, look at the facts, there were approx 35 drunk people, she being one of them. They were disruptive, combative and not listening to the police who was trying to calm the crowd down. Norfolk is very well know for their shootings by citizens (not by police) in this area and the officers are very well aware of this, so they are not only trying to protect the citizens but themselves also. They cannot help the citizens if they are hurt or shot. There were not many police officers there at that time. If two of them had to try and constrain her, that would have meant there would have been a shortage for the other unruly crowd who was ready to do anything, shootings, etc. She has been trained in combat, and by resisting and the officers not being able to take her down, proved to the officers they needed the dog back up. Do you believe the two officers should have “babied” her because she was a “little girl” and let the other problems they were having with a drunk, unruly crowd go? This is putting everyone in danger. Funny thing is, everyone is so upset about the dog, but the dog ended up subduing the fighting crowd and possibly preventing further harm by the crowd to themselves or the police officers. Also, if you have never been to the police academy, please do not comment on how they train in a “militaristic manner”. I know for a fact this is untrue and so unfair to our men and women who put their life on the line to protect us.

        1. No sorry we are NOT all equal in the sight of God He had one 1 Chosen people the Hebrews. Those of you in power have killed stolen and destroyed and He’s going to deal with you very soon

          1. Sonja,

            Stay on topic or get out of the thread.

            This thread is not about religion or your misunderstanding of the bible.

            Please refrain from posting anymore useless, unrelated rhetoric.

        2. Debbie your a racist, your parents are racist and , you will also raise your children to be racist and the sooner you relies this the quicker you can go join and get your lifetime membership with KKK. All your rhetoric just spews of race superiority and hate. All your attempts to be eloquent above , couldn’t hide the facts how you feel about black people . Along with the fact that most of your information is sadly laughable and incorrect.

          1. YOU are a racist, you believe your race is 100% innocent and never does anything wrong, and even if they do you believe its the white fault….. YOU are a racist piece of sh1t.

        3. @Debbie “……. there were approx 35 drunk people, she being one of them.”

          You really don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about, do you?
          How do you know she was drunk? Did you serve her alcohol? Were you in the Emergency Room, and did you provide medical services to her?

          Because if you were in either role, I could see where you might – MIGHT – have some facts.

          As it is, however, as usual you don’t. That happens to you a LOT, doesn’t it Debbie?

  13. I know how easy it is to be on the outside looking in and to second guess anyone”s choices,be that as it may two police officers are more than enough to restrain a 120 lb female lying face down straddled by a police or two, then to compound matters sick a k9 on the young lady,extremely poor decision,if anything that alone would ignite a crowd as oppose to despersing a crowd.Prayerfully we all can learn lessons from this unfortunate incident.

  14. I meant….needs to be deleted. I will be praying for the young American citizen to make a full recovery. I will also be praying for the officers as well. Its time for a major change in this country!!!!!

  15. She’s U.S. Military and therefore property of the U.S. government. I’m surprised the military isn’t involved. They didn’t use to take kindly one of their own being damaged.

    1. She is military property when she is on orders. When she is at school, she is not subject to military oversight. It is most unfortunate that she is going through this, but this is not a reserve issue.

  16. No doubt about it, operatives WILL be deployed to actively stir up racial conflict on social media. Maybe not here, on this. But it’ll happen, because it will of benefit to certain political and other groups. A hateful comment will be made on one side, then one from the other, then down and down it goes. All fake, and meant to create the public impression of TROUBLE!

    Often, it will be just one operative taking all sides, using different names. Don’t take the bait, people.

  17. No matter how loud or disorderly she was.. Why did she deserve to be attacked by a dog? She was walking away.. And why are all these comments about racism and hate?! This is a young woman in our American Army from Woodbridge, VA. Her race should make no difference. Get well soon Hun!

  18. We all know that more importantly the real question is “What next?” Will this type of police brutality go unpunished? Was it justified, clearly not! So then what next?

  19. WOW – FIRE those “cops” and never let them be reinstated anywhere and SUE the Department and the City for everything they’ve got!

  20. I didn’t “read” any racial overtones in the original article, yet the comments insist this is another race issue. This is a case, however, of overly excited police officers on an adrenaline rush, hyped up to combat an out of control party. Were people of “color” in attendance? It didn’t say. Did the police officers blow it? It appears from the article they (the police) did not follow proper protocol if AFTER the subject was restrained the dogs were released.

  21. It is not until America comes to grips with it’s reality that it is a nation founded on betrayal of the Indians and built on the backs of slaves. You cannot render unto a man that which GOD the creator has given him at creation. If you attempted to cage all birds you would fell because some would remain free. It is the falsifying of American history that leads a great number of people to perceive America as a Savior when in truth it’s been one of the world’s greatest ti-rents. How can you as a fellow American turn an innocent American SOLDIER being attacked as a opportunity to offend your fellow Americans of any color.I must be willing to die for this country because I understand it’s history thus I came to the conclusion America is hated but feared. I am %100 American and black and you want to be scholars might know about Africa than me.

  22. It is not until America comes to grips with it’s reality that it is a nation founded on betrayal of the Indians and built on the backs of slaves. You cannot render unto a man that which GOD the creator has given him at creation. If you attempted to cage all birds you would fell because some would remain free. It is the falsifying of American history that leads a great number of people to perceive America as a Savior when in truth it’s been one of the world’s greatest ti-rents. How can you as a fellow American turn an innocent American SOLDIER being attacked as a opportunity to offend your fellow Americans of any color.I must be willing to die for this country because I understand it’s history thus I came to the conclusion America is hated but feared. I am %100 American and black and you want to be scholars might know more about Africa than me.

  23. The dog is only doing what it is trained for and told to do. The word ‘allow’ letting the dog attack? No. Sent to attack. And not acceptable when the person is already down & subdued. The handler of that dog needs to loose the job, not the dog. Abuse of power and a working, power breed.

  24. (A) The wounds are terrible, and unnecessary, and there should be a law suit.

    (B) She was loud, uncooperative and disrespectful towards the authority of the police…just like Mr. Garner and Mr. Brown.

    The fact that *two* officers were needed to subdue her is proof enough that she was not willing to submit to the authority of the police. I do not like to submit either, but I consider it my duty to do so….just like I cooperate with the stupid rules when I go through security at the airport.

    The fact that *two* officers were needed suggests that she was in fact *still* struggling and resisting, hence the dog was set on her.

    If you do not agree with the actions of the cops you have legal options available to make their lives miserable by responding to formal complaints.

    Please stop escalating these situations by forcing police to back up their threats to use force to control your behaviors. It is not good for any of us.

    I want the Police to have the power to restore order and stability and peace in *any* neighborhood or location or situation…not just the ones where whites are the majority.

    (B)Many of the Blacks posting here have totally swallowed the nonsense that white Americans created Slavery. Slavery has been the consequence of wars for thousands of years.

    None of the Blacks prominent here wish to acknowledge that no whites were brave or skilled enough to go deep into the interior of “darkest” Africa. They did not have to. African Tribes sold other Africans into Slavery, and helped transport them to the Coasts.

    The area of Nigeria was one of the worst *then* and is still a headquarters of modern slavery. Yes, why do you think that the Nigerian government is not totally dismayed that hundreds of female children have been enslaved by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria? It is a very “normal” thing, still.

    Please do not tell white people to get their facts straight if you are unaware of exactly who sold your ancestors into slavery in the first place…it was other people of Color.

    European whites promoted the explosion of Capitalistic Slavery for economic purposes, which went hand in hand with the policies and philosophies of Colonization and Plantation Lifestyles. True, America (the South, mainly) kept relying upon Slavery long after most Civilized nations had outlawed it.

    (C) There were Free Black people in America from early on, and these Free Blacks themselves often owned slaves. So, don’t act like slavery was something that white people engaged in because of something Evil about the color of their skin. There were Black slave owners. It was simply good business.

    (D) There is tremendous inequality in this country between rich and poor, minorities and whites, women and men. There are many prejudiced white people, and many prejudiced people of all ethnicities and races, including Blacks.

    Blacks have had immensely greater opportunities in the past fifty years – yet many will choose to enslave themselves and their children and grandchildren in the chains of Poverty and Ignorance simply because they insist on having children that they are not educated, nor skilled enough, nor wealthy enough to be able to afford.

    Do not blame white people if your Mother decided to dig a hole for herself and you by having multiple children as a single teenager – and forced the extended family to have to rescue her and you with their own time and resources and efforts so that you did not end up homeless and hungry.

    I am so tired of Black women bragging about how they are doing everything they do for the sake of their “baby”. You see them as Contestants on American Idol, the Voice, America’s Got Talent – every kind of show.

    Story is always the same. I am a single mother. I have to win this for my baby.
    I am doing it all for Her/Him.

    Guess what? You should have been doing it all for YOURSELF from the beginning, so that when you *did* decide to bring another sad life into this world you would be able to support it properly without needing to win a contest or a miracle to make it like normal people do.

    Every week, more innocent Black teenagers are shot to death in the formerly safe streets of Chicago….by other Black teenagers. That is the real threat to young Black lives which Blacks refuse to acknowledge as being much more dangerous than racist white cops.

    Black Hater of whites: You have more to fear from each other, than from any random white person these days. But you prefer to promote Gangsta Rap and Big Pimpin’ over being a law-abiding, well-educated, well-funded taxpayer and citizen.

    Crabs in a Barrel continue to pull each other down into the darkness if they get too close to escape, and ridicule the ones who do, with slurs about being “Oreos” and not Black enough.

    I hope to God that we find ways out of this before the Sharptons start a Race War to prove their own necessity and line their own pockets.

  25. First, the Police Rep said the dog was used so that nobody would get hurt. Well, that is kind of a joke, isn’t it?

    But I assume the dog prevented other troublemakers from joining in, and maybe there could have been *more* casualties.

    I wish the general public understood more about how words and descriptions are used to manipulate people’s emotional responses. That is what the field of Propaganda is all about.

    People who want to inflame the situation make it sound like this poor woman (her wounds are terrible and needless) was deliberately attacked for absolutely no reason.

    They make it sound like by being “restrained” she was just laying there minding her own business, and the cops put her into a helpless position for the purpose of then attacking her with a Dog.

    But – if you listen to the family member’s words, they are admitting that she was loud (read “verbally aggressive” and rude) and they understand that she might have been combative enough to require restraint – possibly due to a combination of intoxication and bad attitude.

    She was not some innocent bystander whom the police just attacked for no reason.

    She was not just lying there passively…she was actively resisting TWO officers in that special way that drunk, loud Black women have where they will take *anybody* on. Those who know Black women who party know what I am talking about…or you could just watch “Housewives of Atlanta” – lol

    Go watch the video of Beyonce’s sister attacking Jay Z in the elevator, or Ray Rice’s girl friend charging at him – leading to her being knocked out. They are proud of their ability to “Go Crazy” and use it as a weapon.

    I would suggest that you think about why people need to be restrained in the first place.

    The word does not mean that the restrainee is not still struggling and being a threat.

    A smart person would Go Limp. Maybe you have seen the Non-violent Protesters in videos lying there immobile so that the Police have to work extra hard to carry them away.

    But a drunk person or somebody who has lost their temper will still be lashing out and struggling even though they have multiple people trying to keep them restrained.

    It is easy for people who have never been forced to work with violent aggressive people to shoot their mouths off about how situations should be handled.

    The idea is to use as much force as is possible – in order to control the situation as rapidly as possible in order to prevent *anybody* from being injured – especially those whose job it is to restrain.

    Go work in a Group Home sometime with violent emotionally disturbed Kids and you will see what I mean. Just because they are “Kids” does not mean that they do not injure other people, and then get off lightly because they are “just kids” and nobody wants to “Criminalize” them.

    1. Mr. Payne,

      Are you implying that ALL or MOST Black women are aggressive, obnoxious, and will take anybody on?” There are NO White, Asian, Hispanic, or other women in the world that could possibly act in that way because of your expertise, you watch “Housewives of Atlanta.” Please recant that statement, unless that is truly how you feel. I’m sure you have never been cursed out or slapped by a White women.

      I think if you were detained or forced to be somewhere you were trying to leave at 2am, you might have a few things to say and wouldn’t be as “Limp” as you mentioned. She probably felt she had the right to leave, which, unless there was sufficient reason the police were telling her to stay, (i.e. being charged for a crime), then she did have the right to leave.

  26. As a VA employee and a 13 year Army vet I find this appalling. I too was victimized by police in uniform. But ladies, especially sisters. Please stop being “loud” when these Law Enforcement” assholes are around. You are drawing negative attention to yourself. It’s already insulting that they don’t respect your military membership. Don’t give them a reason to disrespect you personally.

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