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Bum Gun Used in Robbery Outside North Stafford Gas Station

STAFFORD, Va. – On August 27, a 51-year-old man, originally from North Carolina, was hospitalized at Stafford Hospital Center with non-life threatening injuries after being robbed at a Kangaroo Express on 34 Prosperity Lane in Stafford. 

Major David P. Decatur said that deputies went to the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel where the victim was staying at located on 3097 Jefferson Davis Highway. The victim said that he was involved in a fight as he was bleeding from multiple places on his face and body, said Decatur. Between 10 and 10:30 pm, the victim went to the Kangaroo Express to put air in his tires and upon putting money in the air machine, someone approached him and shouted at him to empty his pockets, said Decatur.

The victim turned around to see that the suspect had a handgun pointed at his face as he kept shouting demands, said Decatur. A fight started between the victim and the suspect, causing the gun to fall on the ground, when another suspect came with a revolver, said Decatur. The revolver did not go off as the suspect was pulling the trigger because the victim kept hearing clicking noises which indicated it was not loaded or shooting correctly, said Decatur.

Once the victim got on the ground, the suspects dragged and assaulted him before leaving the scene on foot, said Decatur. After the incident, the victim blacked out and upon regaining consciousness, drove back to the hotel, said Decatur. There at the hotel the victim discovered more injuries, as well as his cash and cell phone missing, said Decatur. 

The victim could not give any description of a car present and a very limited description of the total of three suspects, said Decatur. The victim was able to recall the weapons as a black semi-automatic handgun and a smaller black revolver, said Decatur.

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