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Children Given to Mother after Serious Road Rage Case

STAFFORD, Va. – On August 20, a man was charged and arrested following a road rage incident on Interstate 95 near Courthouse Road Commuter Lot. 

Stafford County Sheriff spokesman William Kennedy said that the victim of the road rage incident told a deputy that while he was traveling south on I-95, a car began to tailgate him. Kennedy then said the victim slowed down his car by releasing the gas but not pressing the brakes until the car decided to pass him.  

The driver of the car passed the victim on the right lane and as the driver was passing, the driver slowed down so he could be side-by-side with the victim, said Kennedy. Kennedy said that the driver then pointed a handgun at the victim’s direction and mouthed something. When the victim saw this, the victim slowed down at the nearest exit and immediately called the police, said Kennedy.

Kennedy further said that while speaking with the deputy, the victim gave the description of the driver and the car and later on two deputies found the suspect driving south on I-95. The deputies stopped the car that matched the description given and identified the suspect from the road rage incident, said Kennedy. While in custody, deputies identified the suspect as Maurice Knight, 27, of Sterling, Va., and they found two small children in the back of the car, a 2-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, said Kennedy.

The children were turned over to the mother while Knight was taken in to speak with the Deputy at the scene about the incident and when police searched him they also found marijuana, said Kennedy.

Knight was charged with 2 counts felony child neglect, brandishing a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of marijuana and was sent to Rappahannock Regional Jail under a $2000 secured bond, said Kennedy. 

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