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Wilson Kieffer “W.K.” Wenrich

Wilson Kieffer “W.K.” Wenrich, 95, of Miami Springs, Fla., passed away on July 12, 2014.   He was born in Manassas, Va, on June 14, 1919, the son of the late Wilson Noah and Bessie Virginia Wenrich. Since 1940, he lived in Miami Springs, Florida.  He is preceded in death by his wife, Mable Joyce, of nearly 60 years of marriage, and his daughter, Dorothy Carol.

He was a graduate of Manassas High School, in the Class of 1937.  He worked for Eastern Airlines for 42 years beginning as an aircraft mechanic and completing his career as Manager, Technical Services. 

He knew and worked with many of the pioneers of aviation including Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and Astronaut Frank Borman.  Along with his family’s loss, a lot of personal Golden Aviation knowledge is gone. 

W. K. is survived by his two children, son Wilson Kieffer (Butch) Wenrich, Jr. (Karlie) residing in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and daughter Wendy Sue Reeve (Bob) of Miami Springs. 

He has two grandchildren, Dawn Marie Wenrich, Register, Georgia, and Scott Christopher Wenrich, Pembroke Pines, Fla., and one nephew Tom Jordan, Arlington, Texas.  Visitation and a simple memorial service were held on Tuesday, July 15, in Miami Springs, Fla.

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