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Today’s Air Quality: Code Yellow

The air quality outside today won’t be so great. It’s a code yellow day, according to the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, and that means the air quality is not as good as other days and can be harmful to highly sensitive groups of people.

Clean Air Partners for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. measures the air quality index on a scale that includes colors such as green, yellow, orange for moderate, red for unhealthy, and purple for very unhealthy. The organization urges those who might be sensitive to air pollution today to make fewer trips outdoors today and, if possible, link all errands together so they can be completed in one trip.

The council of governments issued a code orange air quality warning back on July 11 when the temperature reached 85 degrees at Fort Belvoir. We could see even higher temperatures in the region today with a forecast high of 89 degrees

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