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Man Robbed and Shot in the Hand in Stafford

STAFFORD, Va – Around 11 p.m. on July 30, a man was shot in the hand and robbed and was later hospitalized at Stafford Hospital Center.

Stafford sheriff spokesman Bill Kennedy said that an unknown male dropped the victim off at the hospital and left soon after. The victim told authorities that he went to meet friends in the 1100 block of Providence Street, said Kennedy. Afterward the victim was walking to visit a relative in the 1500 block of Providence Street when two men robbed him, one of whom had a hand gun, said Kennedy.

Authorities are searching for two black men, one of whom was darker skinned who pulled out a gun, walked up to the man, said nothing and started to pistol whip the victim and stole the victim’s watch, said Kennedy. Kennedy then said that during the incident the pistol went off and victim was shot in his left hand. The victim said the lighter skinned male did not participate and wore a white t-shirt, said Kennedy.

Kennedy said the men left in an older model, gray-colored Jeep Cherokee and were described as similar height, 170 – 180 pounds, low cut hair and facial hair on the darker skinned male. The victim did not know why he was approached and then robbed, said Kennedy.


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