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Dale City Native Spots Twister Over Highway on Way to Work

Dale City native Christina Epperson spotted a tornado on the way to work on Sunday.

She was on her way to her emergency room nursing job at a hospital in Johnson City, Tenn. when she spotted the funnel cloud. Epperson says she was driving on Interstate 26 between Gray and Kingsport, Tenn. when she spotted the tornado, and then took shelter underneath a highway overpass.

She shared her experience with us in her own words:

I had a mini heart attack and then decided it would be best to stop under the overpass with all the other cars collecting there. Then when people began evacuating their families out of the vehicles and up the steep concrete to the narrow top under the roadway, I followed them. Figured they are the locals and maybe they know more about this stuff than I do.

After about 5 mins of panicking, I saw cars were still driving and decided to take my chances. Didn’t want to be late to work! A few hundred yards down the road, there were trees snapped in half.

My coworker who lives in the same area apparently was smarter than me and waited until the danger had passed to get on the road to work. She said there was debris and cars turned the wrong way where I had passed through just a few minutes before.

I guess I’ve had enough excitement for one day…and I can now confirm to my parents that they were correct in thinking I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said I wanted to be a storm chaser after watching “Twister” 7 times in the movie theater.

I’m probably being super overdramatic about this experience, but it sure felt pretty super dramatic to me. LOL (PS: I still highly enjoyed the beautiful storm clouds and lightning on my way to work…)

TV station WJHL reports a tornado did damage homes in the region. The storms dropped baseball-sized hail in portions of western Tennessee and southwest Virginia, according to the TV station.

Updated: The photo was taken by Epperson’s co-worker who also spotted the same twister.

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