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Foust Opens Manassas Office, Seeks to Replace Frank Wolf in Congress

MANASSAS, Va. — In a little corner of Downtown Manassas new campaign headquarters opened Monday night.

It’s a joint election office for Senator Mark Warner who is seeking reelection, and for John Foust, a Fairfax County Board of Supervisors member hoping to replace outgoing Congressman Frank Wolf (R, Va.-10). Both Foust and Warner are Democrats and at their Manassas election headquarters supporters wore t-shirts, stickers, and hats as if the two men were unto themselves a professional football team.

“Oh, this is very nice, very nice,” said Marilyn Foust, the candidate’s wife as she took a first look at the office at 941 Main Street, next to Philadelphia Tavern. It’s one of several new Foust campaign offices that have opened across the 10th Congressional District, which spans from McLean – where Foust calls home – to Manassas, Manassas Park, west to Frederick County.

Supporters greet Foust at the door with applause, and he shakes each ones hand as he walks in. When he makes his way to back of the room to stand in front of a giant sign with his name on it, he’s surrounded by Manassas Park City Councilwoman Jeannet Rishell, as well as other Democrats who hope to make a name for themselves as they seek offices on the Manassas City Council.

In this campaign’s cross hairs is Barbara Comstock, who also lives in McLean and is a Republican delegate in Virginia’s House of Representatives.

“Comstock has put on a mask of moderation for this race,” said Rishell. “…we can see from her voting record she sides with the GOP agenda.”

Wasting no time throwing punches, Democrats labeled their opponent as someone who would take away a woman’s right to choose, someone who voted against landmark transportation reform in Virginia, and someone carries an “extremely partisan” record in Richmond.

“We have Republicans on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors but we know how to work together and compromise to get things done,” said Foust.

Comstock was attending a fair in Loudoun County today and was not immediately available for comment, a campaign spokeswoman said. The Republican has been endorsed by several in the GOP including Republican Delegates Richard Anderson, Tim Hugo who represent Prince William County, Jackson Miller, of Manassas, as well as members of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and School Board.

The Democrat also brought up guns and said he owns them, but supports limiting gun purchases to one a month.

“Sensible gun safety measures are something we should all support, especially with all of the school massacres as of late,” said Foust.

So far, Foust has outraised his Republican opponent Barbara Comstock by about $100,000, with a full campaign war chest of $1.1 million, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Those at the office opening on Monday said this open seat election is a way for the party to gain control of a district that has been a Republican stronghold.

William “Bill” Redpath, a Libertarian, and Dianne Blais, of the Green Party, and independent Brad Eickholt are also running to replace Wolf.

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