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Occoquan Supporters Push for Special License Plate

OCCOQUAN, Va. — There are over 100 specially designed license plates that Virginia residents can choose from.

Whether you’re allegiance is to the military branch you serve, your college, or a special interest group, drivers in our state have their pick of specially designed plates.

Now residents of Occoquan want to add their plate to the list of special plates offered by Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Occoquan River Communities, a group that may be best known for its stewardship of the Occoquan River – the heavily traveled waterway that separates Fairfax and Prince William counties – needs 450 paid, signed applications from those who want to affix their license plate to their cars.

“We feel like it has so many things going for it. If you live in that region you’ve got the wonderful little town, and right across the river you’ve got a regional park, and there’s the Workhouse Arts Center…you’ve got all this stuff but people don’t think about it as one area,” said Betty Dean, president of Occoquan River Communities.

The plate’s design depicts a river setting with a boat and  kayak as well as iconic images from the Town of Occoquan like gas lights and the gazebo at Mamie Davis Park.

Virginia Delegates Luke Torian and Richard Anderson have come together to create a bill in the state General Assembly to help make the license plate a reality.

“Occoquan is a unique community and while creating a new specialized license plate in the DMV can be a challenge, this is a community that clearly shows they want and deserve one,” said Torian.

“I can’t wait to see these gorgeous plates rolling across our beloved Prince William County. Many thanks to all who played a part in its creation…I am simply the messenger and am privileged to work with those who have the artistic and organizational talent to create such a beautiful plate,” said Anderson.

Occoquan River Communities is accepting orders for the plates. They cost $25 each, $35 for a personalized plate, and each donation comes with a one-year membership to Occoquan River Communities.

If the plate becomes a reality, DMV will give Friends of the Occoquan $10 from each plate purchase.

he Occoquan plate could appear by fall 2015 and the donation monies from DMV to the organization would be retroactive, said Dean.

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