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Flash Cube

A round-up of news headlines from around our area.

Families Run Amuck, get muddy and have a great time —  It’s after a four-mile race when you get to your picture taken a second time. At that point, runners aren’t so pretty. In fact, they’re such a muddy mess that everyone needs to get hosed down by the fire department. [WTOP-FM]

Hylton soccer player suspended despite claims of racism — During last week’s Virginia 6A region final against Grassfield High School, Hylton’s Austin Black, was involved in a heated exchange with Grassfield’s Mike Abraham. During the confrontation, Black admits he struck Abraham. Black received a red card and a two-game suspension, but Black says he was provoked by racist language from Abraham. [WUSA-TV]

Va. teacher guilty to having sexually explicit chats with teen — According to authorities, the fourth grade teacher stated he had sexually explicit online chats with a 15-year-old teenager from Woodbridge, Va. [WUSA-TV]

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