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Law Enforcement Bike Ride Coming to U.S. 1 Sunday

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Drivers on U.S. 1 in Stafford on Sunday should expect to see a mass of police officers on bicycles, and they’ll be riding for a good cause.

The Stafford Sheriff’s office tells us more about why they’re riding, and what to expect with several “rolling” road closures that will be in effect:

The Law Enforcement United Bike Ride will be entering Stafford County at the Falmouth Route 1 Bridge, approximately 3:00 pm, Sunday, May 11 and will stop at the Public Safety Center, Humphrey Building, 1225 Courthouse Road, at approximately 4:00 pm for a brief stop.  From there the Bike Ride will continue on Route 630 Courthouse Road to Austin Ridge Drive and Mine Road.  The bike riders will turn from Mine Road onto Greenspring Drive and then to the hotel on Salisbury Drive.

The Bike Ride will leave the hotel at 7:00 am Monday, May 12 and travel up Route 1, North to the Prince William County Line.

Motorists are advised of the temporary rolling closings of Route 1, North as the Law Enforcement Tour Bike Ride travels through Stafford County.  As soon as the riders clear a section of Route 1, that section of the road will be opened to motor vehicle traffic.

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