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NOVA Ending Enrollment Grace Period

The largest institution of higher learning in Virginia is making some changes as to how it enrolls students.

Starting this fall, new students at all campuses at Northern Virginia Community College, also known as NOVA, will be required to take placement tests and attend a new student orientation seminar. They’ll also have to register and pay for all of their classes upfront, as students will no longer be able to pay late and still attend classes.

Here’s more information distributed by the college:

Starting with NOVA’s fall 2014 semester, all first-time-to-college students from 17 to 24 years old will be required to take placement tests, attend Student Orientation, meet with an advisor before registering, enroll in development courses during the first semester (if placed), and complete a Student Development course within the first year.In addition, all students are required to register no later than the day before a session begins to meet the new on-time registration policy.

For fall 2014, students must register by 11:59 p.m. Aug. 19 to meet the on-time registration requirement for the 16-week and first eight-week sessions. Students who miss that deadline can register for a later session or online courses with a later start date.Placement tests help students choose appropriate classes when they meet with their advisors.

If developmental courses are needed, students must enroll during the first semester to give them the chance to be successful in college-level courses.Student Orientation and the Student Development course teach students skills critical to college success. Students will learn about NOVA’s policies and procedures, and develop skills in time management, note taking and test preparation, academic planning, career decision making, financial literacy and critical thinking.

Officials are calling the new on-time registration program “start strong at NOVA” and encourage all students to register for their classes at least one week prior to the date in which classes begin. The move is a change from previous college policies that allowed students to enroll in a class and pay tuition costs at a later date.

Registration for the fall semester at NOVA begins Tuesday, May 6. The fall semester begins Wednesday, August 20.

The college recorded 78,635 students enrolled in some class or program at NOVA in the 2013-13 school year, and 35,721 students enrolled full time.

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