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Occoquan Floods After Heavy Rains

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OCCOQUAN, Va. — There is flooding in Occoquan this afternoon after drenching rains yesterday caused the Occoquan River to spill its banks.

Many of the businesses are open this afternoon but river water has crept its way into some restaurants, and some back alleys in the town. Many of the townhomes in Gaslight Landing, which are built on stilts, have water in their garages.

The Underground bar, and the docks outside Maddigans Waterfront are all under water.

Mayor Earnie Porta said today’s flooding is “predictable” after the amount of rain that fell across the region. He also encouraged people to come visit the town, and noted there were several safe spots to view the raging river.

Porta sent this email to constituents today:

Recent heavy rains have resulted in significant flooding along the southern bank of the Occoquan River in the Town of Occoquan.  A number of low-lying areas between Mill Street and the river are underwater.  For those who are interested, there are a couple of ways you can assist.

First, after the waters recede volunteers will be very useful in collecting and depositing debris in dumpsters provided for that purpose.  If you are interested in such volunteer work, please email me at and I will put you on a notification list for the volunteer effort.  Second, this is actually a great time to visit Occoquan.

The surging river is very impressive and there are a number of safe vantage points from which to view it during what is now beautiful weather.  While here, you can patronize town businesses, most of whom are open.  Some, like Madigan’s Waterfront Restaurant, have exceptional viewing of the river.  Take some time if you can to visit Occoquan today!

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