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Man facing possible life sentence found not guilty — A Stafford jury took about 20 minutes to find a man who had been facing a potential life sentence not guilty. []

Veterans, unclaimed for 25 years, laid to rest with honors at Quantico — No one who attended Wednesday’s funeral service at Quantico National Cemetery had ever met the two World War II-era veterans who were being laid to rest. [Washington Post]

Developer’s Proffers Add Fields, Fix Road Curve in Gainesville — Excited by the promise of new fields, trails and the correction of a deadly road curve in Gainesville, neighbors rally behind new development. [Bristow Beat]

As construction winds down, hiring begins for K-8 school before fall opening — In less than five months, the next school year will already be upon Prince William County and one of the school system’s biggest experiments will be underway. [Prince William Times]


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