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Child Dies in House Fire


Stafford County fire and rescue spokesman Mark Doyle provided the following updated statement about Monday’s fatal fire.

The Stafford County Fire Marshal’s and Stafford Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate yesterday’s fatal fire that occurred in the Kings Grant Subdivision located in the Hartwood area of Stafford County. The damage is estimated at $650,000.00 which includes the home, contents and nearby vehicles.

Stafford’s sheriff’s office, now in charge of the investigation, had no comment on Tuesday.

7 a.m. 

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — A child died in a fire in Stafford County’s Hartwood area.

Fire and rescue crews were called to a two-story house that was on fire at 2:19 p.m. Monday. Crews immediately learned there was a child still inside the house at the time they arrived.

“However, due to the excessive heat, fire conditions and structural collapse units were forced to operated in a defensive mode,” Stafford fire and rescue spokesman Mark Doyle stated in a press release.

The fire was brought under control and the child was located. The victim was taken to state medical examiner’s office where an autopsy will be performed.

Doyle also stated there was no further information available. So, here’s what we don’t know right now:

The address of the home that burned

The age and gender of the victim

Overall, how many people were displaced

An estimate of damage to the home

The outcome of a fire marshal’s investigation

If criminal charges are pending in the sheriff’s office investigation

We’ll tell you more when we get more details.


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