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Prince William Area Free Clinic Accepts Donation

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — The Prince William Area Free Clinic received financial help from a good neighbor.

The Lake Ridge Ambulatory Surgery Center gave the clinic $317,000 to be used for operating expenses. The clinic in Woodbridge doesn’t charge for services and provides acute treatment to patients with chronic ailments.

“These are the people who don’t even qualify for Obamacare, so we wanted to give back to an organization that is providing care for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it,” said Lake Ridge Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator Janet Smith.

Smith used to volunteer for the free clinic as a registered nurse prior to becoming an administrator for the ambulatory center.

Prince William Area Free Clinic Executive Director Linda Franklin gladly accepted the donation and said funds would come in handy to offset the operating costs of their newer facility off Prince William Parkway on Church Hill Drive, across from Fred M. Lynn Middle School.

The free clinic has increased the number of its weekly operating hours from 16 to 44 per week since opening their new facility on Church Hill Drive last year. The expansion also means more staff had to be hired to work with patients.

Partnerships with Sentara and NOVA Scripts Central has allowed to clinic to offer low or no cost services like lab work and managed medication distribution to their patients, said Franklin.

The clinic saw 15,000 patients in 2013 and its volunteers logged 20,000 hours. Some $1 million in services were donated to clinic last year, said Franklin.


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