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Dumfries’ Downed Billboard Hauled Away


DUMFRIES, Va. — The unsightly remnants of a billboard that once stood along U.S. 1 in Dumfries are gone. first told you about the billboard that was blown down in a storm last year. It had sat in disrepair along the major commuter thoroughfare for months drawing complaints from town residents.

Town officials were wrangling with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the billboard’s owner Clear Channel Outdoor about removing the remnants of the board to no avail.

Delegate Richard Anderson (R-Prince William County) got word of the problem and stepped into help.

“After reading about this downed billboard in, I contacted representatives at Clear Channel to ask that they clean the billboard debris along the roadside in Dumfries. Although the 51st House District that I represent in the General Assembly does not include Dumfries, I felt compelled to address this issue because I patroned a bill this year that deals with billboard management,” said Anderson. “I thank for bringing this issue to my attention and to Clear Channel for doing the right thing for our Dumfries neighbors and the beauty of our Commonwealth.”

Anderson’s bill, which got its final approval from the Senate just yesterday after passing the House earlier this month, allows a billboard owner to relocate their billboard to nearby ground in the event a road is widened or the land on which is stands is acquired for construction. Many of the billboards in Prince William County are permitted by a grandfather clause after it and neighboring jurisdiction Fairfax County banned new billboards from going up.


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