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You Can Now View Archived Videos of Dumfries Town Council Meetings

Dumfries has taken another step to a more open government.

The town is now archiving videos of its meetings on its public website. A message posted on the town’s website today instructs viewers how to access videos of previous Town Council meetings, starting with the most recent Feb. 18 meeting.

The meetings are run by the Town Mayor and are where key decisions are made by the town’s elected officials, and reports are given to the Council by town staff members and special commissions like the town’s Planning Commission and Architectural Review Board.

Town residents are also allowed to speak voice their concerns about issues in the town and their neighborhoods. Public hearings are also held during the sessions.

The meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month and can also be viewed live on the town’s website.

Dumfries joins other local governments like the Town of Haymarket and the Prince William County Board of Supervisors who provide video archives of previous meetings of elected officials.

Dumfries’ video archiving comes as the town has made several improvements to the video and audio quality of the meeting broadcasts, as well as added an electronic board that tallies the results of how each Town Council member voted on a particular issue.

In addition to the web, the Town Council meetings can also be seen on Comcast cable channel 2.


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