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‘You Can Do Anything, too’ Symposium Aims to Educate, Empower

This coming Saturday, an event will feature local business, networking opportunities, giveaways, and will also broadcast the notion that anyone can achieve.

The “You Can Do Anything, too” symposium” is a first for the area. The event aims to bring featured speakers and a panel of local community leaders, business owners, and residents, to talk about success.

It’s an idea event organizer Cyndy Neville and her Neville Empowerment Network had been toying with for a long time.

“Last summer, after hearing several stories of people being down on their luck, unhappy, and dissatisfied with where they currently are in life; I decided I’d like to put together an event to remind them, that their today does not determine their tomorrow,” said Neville.

One of the key things Neville hopes attendees take away from the event is an opportunity to be motivated get more out of life, and to serve as a reminder to keep focused on personal long-term goals, what ever they may be.

“As simple as it sounds, I knew it would be a challenge explaining to others, that I wanted to put together an event to educate, inspire, empower, and encourage people to “See Beyond, Beyond!” said Neville.

The special guest speakers at the event will be Nisi Bennet from All Heart Training, which teachers CPR and 1st aid certifications. Also slated to speak is Krysta Jones from the Virginia Leadership Institute, Lorre Williams from the Prince William County School Board, and Kisha Wilson-Sogonro who is Manassas’ Neighborhood Services Manager.

A panel will also take on the topic “moving, shaking, and overcoming adversity.”

The symposium is free to attend and will be held Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. at the Bull Run Hall #130 at the Prince William Campus of George Mason University.

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