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Dumfries Police Show Off New Uniforms

There is a new look at the Dumfries Police Department.

Officers will soon ditch the old black uniform shirts for new gray shirts. The patches sewn onto the shirts to signify the department will also undergo a change, as officers will have patches outlined in silver with silver lettering, and supervisors will have gold outlines and lettering.

“The uniform is such a symbol of the department, and we’ve been through so many changes in the last three years, as well as our efforts to reach out to the community, we thought this would be a another welcome change,” said Chief Rebecca Edwards.

The officers had input on the selection of the new uniform shirt and helped choose the colors of the new uniform. As most law enforcement uniforms are made of polyester, the old black uniform shirts were known to be uncomfortable for officers during summer months. The new shirts are expected to be cooler when the mercury rises.

There are also new faces on the small town’s police force, as one new officer was hired in December and three more were brought on in January. There have been a total of nine new officers hired in Dumfries over the past three years.

“When we hired them, we wanted to make sure that [the new officers] are good fit for us, and we wanted to make sure that we were a good fit for them,” said Edwards, speaking about the quality of applicants the department had to choose from at the time of hiring.

Including Edwards, the department has 11 sworn police officers.

Photo: Dumfries police Officer Brian Fields displays the department’s new uniform to the Dumfries Town Council.

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