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Tissues Thought to be Part of CVS Robbery Scheme

Investigator think that tissues doused in lighter fluid might have been used in a robbery at a CVS pharmacy on Va. 610.

The pharmacy at the corner of Va. 610 and Onville Road in North Stafford was robbed early Monday when a man jumped behind the pharmacy counter and grabbed Percocet. The pharmacist was assisting a drive-up window customer at the time the man jumped behind the counter, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

The intruder then ran to the front of the store where another store clerk saw the man exit the building and jump into a silver-colored vehicle waiting in the parking lot. That car took off headed north on Onville Road in the direction of a main gate to Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Investigators later found the tissues on the floor of the store which had come from an open box that had been sitting on a shelf inside the store.

“It appears that the suspect may have planned to light the tissues on fire as a diversion tactic, allowing him access to the counter area in the pharmacy,” said Kennedy.

The tissues were not lit and no injures were reported. Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact Stafford County Crime Solvers.


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