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Occoquan’s Porta Won’t Seek Fifth Term as Mayor

OCCOQUAN, Va. — Mayor Earnie Porta has decided he won’t seek reelection after nearly seven years on the job.

The popular Democrat announced today there are new things in life that we wants to occupy his time with, though there was no indication that he would seek higher office in a local or state seat if one were to become available.

Porta could not be reached for comment Tuesday morning.

Here’s his statement he made to constituents:

With the deadline for filing for town elections approaching in March, I wanted to let everyone know that I will not be seeking a fifth term as Mayor of the Town of Occoquan this May. After making a careful and realistic assessment of other commitments and obligations, as well as of personal and professional goals, I have concluded that I simply would not be able to devote for another full two-year term the time, effort, and focus that I think the people of Occoquan deserve.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Occoquan’s Mayor over the past eight years, and I am very grateful for the generous support received during that time from residents, businesses, staff, visitors, and the many friends of the town in Prince William County and other areas. I am proud of all that we have been able to accomplish together. We have, I believe, provided a solid foundation on which future councils can build. Over the remaining five months of my term I will do my best to continue to work diligently on Occoquan’s behalf. Thank you all again for the privilege of serving.

Occoquan holds its Town Council elections in May. The mayor serves a two-year term.

Porta has become known for his knowledge of the town, and is an outspoken advocate for the Occoquan River and the natural features of the small town.

When the Ballywhack Creek flooded in 2011 after torrential rains poured for days, Porta was seen on the streets of the small town assisting business owners and directing traffic.

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