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Identifying Substance Found at Security Firm Key to Bomb Investigation

MANASSAS, Va. — What exactly was inside the explosive device found at the offices of a security firm in Manassas remains at the center of the investigation.

Detectives from the Manassas Police Department, as well as federal investigators from the ATF continue to probe the case of an explosive found one week ago in the city, and that was later detonated by Virginia State Police.

There are few new details in the case. Police aren’t saying how big the explosive was, nor could they say how much damage it might have caused if it had not been carefully detonated by police.

“Because the actual substance inside of it is still under investigation, there is no way to tell what the impact could have been if the had it gone off intentionally,” said Manassas police spokeswoman Adrienne Helms.

The bomb was found about 3 p.m. Nov. 18 at the office of the Falken Industries, a private security firm. The office complex on Va. 28 was evacuated and the bomb was detonated about 7 p.m. No one was injured.

Helms said police would release new information when it is available but did not say how long it would take to determine what substance was found inside the bomb.

*A previous version of this story incorrectly noted a religious broadcasting company as the site of where the explosive device was found.

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