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Water Main Break Closes Possum Point Road in Dumfries

DUMFRIES, Va. — A water main break has closed a portion of Possum Point Road in Dumfries.

Fire and rescue crews, as well as a crews from the Prince William County Service Authority, were at the intersection of Possum Point Road and Summer Duck Drive where water was seeping through newly formed cracks in the street. The force of the water pushing up against the road’s surface made the once level ground uneven, and caused asphalt to buckle.

Police on the scene had closed a portion of Possum Point Road at the area of the water main break, and said the road closure area could be expanded to block all traffic from nearby U.S. 1 from accessing Possum Point Road.

The break comes two and half weeks after another water main break near Dumfries, at U.S. 1 at Wayside Drive.


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