Futrell Wins Dem-Heavy Prince William, Unseats Dudenhefer


PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Michael Futrell will hold his first political office come January.

He unseated Republican Incumbent Mark Dudenhefer on Tuesday night and will be come the next man to represent Virginia’s 2nd House District. Futrell beat his opponent with a narrow 1.4% win.

With a political district that straddles Prince William and Stafford counties, Futrell won his seat thanks to the 10 heavily democratic precincts in Prince William County were he garnered 66% of the vote. As he has in the past, challenger Mark Dudenhefer won the majority of the 11 heavily Republican districts in Stafford County which round out the second half of the district. But it was not enough to carry him to victory.

Futrell says he’ll make it a priority to reach out to those in Stafford who did not vote for him.

“I don’t think I would call it the biggest upset of the night but I do think it was a well-deserved win,” said Futrell. “We’ve seen the numbers, and now we need to go forward and represent the entire district.”

Futrell overcame a challenge early on in the campaign when the text of his website was found to mirror that of another elected Democrat in Charlottesville. Over the summer, Futrell came under fire after he admitted he had not filed his taxes during the previous three years for his non-profit organization Make The Future that mentors area children.

He added he was surprised that the campaign took a negative turn, and that he is now looking to put differences aside and focus on transportation, education, and issues involving military members and their families, he said.

Outgoing Dudenhefer was the first to be elected to serve the 2nd District after it was created in 2010 following Virginia’s decennial redistricting process. In statement Tuesday night, he said he would continue to serve the state.

“We focused on the issues and what was important to Stafford and Prince William. I have been honored to represent these fine people for two years, and appreciate all the support I received, not only these past few months campaigning, but also legislating Richmond,” stated Dudenhefer.

Prior to heading to Richmond in 2011, he served as the Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.


12 thoughts on “Futrell Wins Dem-Heavy Prince William, Unseats Dudenhefer

  1. I cannot believe that this guy won. He plagarized a website for one and is an absolute airhead. Thank god I don’t live in his district. He only won because every black person in Prince William voted for him… because he was black. The hippocracy in that.

    1. You devils are funny. Black people vote for white people all the time. But a black person wins office of course he only won becuase blacks only vote for blacks.

      Glad you guys are a dying breed.

  2. This proves that the GOP has to start grooming more black candidates. Black people really don’t care about the issues and only vote other black people.

    1. You racist devils are funny. I am a black man, a liberal, a christian and a veteran. You think so slowly of another race of people and flippantly put us all in a box becuase of that neanderthal like fake superiority complex you have.

      I vote for the issues not the color of a persons skin. If a anti choice, big business loving flat earther BLACK person ran of course I would not vote for them.

      Black people are no different than you. I am sure your parents did not teach you that. We vote OUR interest and beliefs just like you something else I am sure you never learned from your bigoted failure of parents.

      To say black people do not acre about the issues says more about you than it does who you are trying to talk about.

      1. All I said was the GOP needs to groom more black candidates and I get called a racial slur from PeteP! How can you call me a racist when you are the one using racial slurs???

        1. “Black people really don’t care about the issues and only vote other black people”

          Thats what you said RACIST! You guys hide behind your computer screens like your parents hid behind sheets. To make a lump assumption about any group of people is extremely ignorant and shows how low you guys are.

          I am willing to bet I have voted for far more WHITE candidates than you have for black candidates. So who is race obsessed.

          Infact why are we even talking about race? Of all the peple who won office this guy was one of the few minorities and you just had the need to bring up his race or race as a factor.

          You devils are stuck on it.

          ps. devil is not a racial slur. to me it represents everything wrong with “certain” americans. the ones that think they are better, that look down on other groups, that are hypocrites, that base their thinking and decisions on race, that hide their real thoughts and spew their non sense on the internet but would not speak like that in person.

          So yes, i referred to you as a devil.

          1. Devil is a racial slur, that black American’s call white people. Yes,you are a racist.

            Also, when 100% of the black voters only vote for Futrell – then they have proved without a doubt that they don’t vote on the issues and only vote for black people.

            If black people voted on the issues then why would they vote some knucklehead like Futrell who has zero experience doing anything over former a Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors and retired USMC Colonel? Why would you vote out someone who has seniority in the majority party to represent you over a nubbie in the minority party? The only answer you can give me is because of the color of their skin?

        2. Devil is not a racial slur. If I see a black person being evil, vile or doing anything to harm society I would call them that also. I unlike you do not need the anonimity of the internet to say what I have to say. You brought up race. You and your kind are evil and vile and consumed by race. let it go. More voters thought he was a better candidate. Why does it have to be about race with you?

          What if a white guy had of beat him? then what? Your argument holds no water. Are you telling me your white superiority complex dumbs you down so bad you think black people who are liberal would vote for a anti choice, flat earther who denies global warming and wants to lift most restrictions off of corporations? really?

          And since you fake superiority complex having people sit and talk about a group of people the way you do why do you even think they would almost be part of that party?

          The incumbant lost to a fine young man who is a christian a family man and donates alot of his time to his community.

          I know that is a bad thing to you but the people spoke.

          If you feel its about race than be happy. Run with it.

          The loser served for 3 years and was beat. Why get racial?

          You are a racist devil. Own it. You see this young man and politics aside, disagreements aside you felt you needed to disrespect all blacks and bring up this mans race.

          ps. My BLACK brother in law is a republican and he voted for the loser!

  3. This blog or paper or whatever it is is so slanted.

    1. Not one story about the 3 statewide races we all voted in on Tuesday. Not one. Infact, these races are still making national news and not a peep.

    2. When they do talk about a democrat winning notice the subtle wording of the headline. “Futrell Wins Dem-Heavy Prince William, Unseats Dudenhefer”. Now I have looked and looked and that wording is never used when a republican wins a heavy republican district. I wonder why?

    3. the last story this site did put out about the state wide races had a title that was so dumbfounding its ridiculous…. It was about how the GOP will really win by losing the LT. Gov. race.

    4. The loser in the Gov race is from PWC and is makiong national news for a) not calling his opponent and being a gentleman and b) having a concession speech that was anything but unifying. And you guys IGNORE a PWC resident who just lost a race wht is covered NATIONALLY.

    You guys have zero credibiilty. But as you can tell by the comments above mine you can see who you are targeting. good ole boys from the county who hate the growing diversity in PWC.

      1. You think your whiteness allows you to define me?

        Puhlese…. Nothing I said in my post was wrong. Nothing is incorrect.

        You are a racist.

        I love normal non racist white people. LOVE THEM. I sered with them, I work with them, I supervise them, I work for them, I break bread with them, I coach their kids, etc….

        People like YOU on the other hand that have to bring up race for NO OTHER REASON than to bring it up are a different breed and different story.

        You may not like the guy. You may think he plagerized a website or as the truth is known his webmaster just copied another dems website. But hey Rand Paul is being called a actual plagerist and guess what HIS COLOR is never brought up in the story.

        In fact many white people win with 90 percent of the white vote? Do you mention that those voters do not care about issues?

        Go find someone else to disrepect by saying I and people that share my skin color do not care about issues with. You do not even understand how disrepectful what you said is.

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