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Letter: Lingamfelter a Leader in Richmond

Dear Editor,

I am an unabashed Scott Lingamfelter fan. Delegate Lingamfelter has been exactly the kind of Virginian that we need in the House of Delegates. I haven’t always been in his district; rather Scott inherited me in the last redistricting effort. We all felt the difference instantly going from a democrat delegate to a Republican delegate.

Not long after the change, Scott was in our neighborhood knocking on doors and holding “Meet & Greets” to let his newest constituents hear him and quiz him. I did hold an office in the local Republican Committee at the time so I attended a number of these meetings. I was taken by the fact that Scott doesn’t use talking points. I actually asked his Legislative Assistant about that as each presentation was different. His response was that they prepared talking points for him, but he typically ignored them.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is comfortable talking about his record and his positions because what you see is what you get. His points aren’t washed through a focus group and Scott doesn’t have to read or memorize them because his positions are deeply held. We share a bond as well as retired military officers and Scott still deserves the special trust and confidence that the Army placed in him – I would trust him with my life.

Further Delegate Lingamfelter has been a leader in Richmond where the General Assembly balances our budget every single year. He has fought waste in government and voted to keep our taxes low. You will hear Scott say “What a difference 90 miles make” because even though he will not compromise his principles, the Virginia House of Delegates remains a legislature that works while it younger cousin the US Congress (just 90 miles North) doesn’t seem to work at all.

I will be voting to return Scott Lingamfelter to Richmond as he has the temperament, the aptitude, and the experience to support those of us in Virginia’s 31st District.

Kindest Regards,
Bill Card
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (ret)
Dumfries, VA

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