New Prince William Logo Draws Ire from Traditionalist Jenkins

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PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Virginia is for Lovers, so what’s Prince William’s marketing tagline?

It’s actually a new logo complete with two blue boxes and the words Prince William County, Virginia, in all capital letters. The new design, which cost $750 to come up with, is popping up on street signs, office letterhead, trade magazines, and on county computers. It’s much different from the recognizable County Seal that includes tobacco leaves, a weight and measure, and the hand of some random person.

The seal of Prince William County, Va.
The Seal of Prince William County, Va.

The new logo comes after a taskforce seeking to rebrand the county formed in 2010. Officials thought a new look would attract new interest, business, and tourism to Prince William County.

At a recent meeting of county officials, Neabsco District Supervisor John Jenkins said he doesn’t understand the message.

“This new logo, it’s an empty box, it has no message. People who look at it from outside the county, from Fairfax County, from Loudoun County, really don’t understand what it’s all about,” said Jenkins in an interview with Potomac Local News.

Commonwealth of Virginia Seal

Jenkins, who has become the unofficial defender of the County Seal, during the public Board meeting denounced the new logo after it popped up on his office computer screen. He demanded a work session so the Board members could be briefed on the new design, which he’ll get at the next Board of Supervisors meeting on May 21.

“This is an effort by staff members, under the direction of the County Executive, to try to establish a new identity, perhaps for the economic develop activities. I certainly believe that if something is not broke, you don’t fix it,” said Jenkins in an interview.

The logo will be used to attract new businesses to the area, and it’ll also be used at parks, for tourism purposes, and at official functions. The Seal will remain on the sides of police cars, fire trucks, government buildings, and will continue to be seen on all things that denote official county government, enforcement, or business correspondence.

Prince William County Economic Development Director Jeffrey A. Kaczmarek said while the logo will help to identify the county to new businesses, it doesn’t represent the entire brand of the county.

“A logo is not a brand, it is a symbol of a brand. A brand is the level of service we provide to our customers,” said Kaczmarek. “Our brand will take time to build, but now we have a symbol that can be used, and when working with businesses, and after having had put this logo in front of them for many years, they will have associated Prince William as a great county do business with in Northern Virginia.”

The new logo will also go a long way to help unify different offices and departments in the county like information technology and parks and recreation which, up until now, all had unique logos.

Those who work under the Seal in the government offices are still developing guidelines on exactly when and where the new logo will appear, and if a decision is made to replace the Seal now used on county vehicles, officials said that process will happen over time as new vehicles are purchased.

The county’s logo isn’t the only symbol that has changed in recent years. Earlier this year, Prince William’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau was renamed Discover Prince William / Manassas, and quasi-government organization got a new logo and website.

After the merger of two chambers of commerce happened in 2010 to form the Prince William Chamber, they two used a blue box to identify themselves as the largest Chamber in the state.

Prince William Occoquan District Supervisor Mike May says it’s OK to have different logos for different things.

“I think it’s a good logo that will hopefully attract new businesses to the area. And when you think about it, Virginia doesn’t always use their Seal with ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’ on it when they’re trying to market the state,” said May.

State officials traded the image of a sword-wielding woman standing atop a dead king for a much kinder, simpler, “Virginia is for Lovers”  for their website and tourism efforts. The “lovers” slogan was first unveiled in 1969 marketing campaign.

But for the lovers of Prince William’s County Seal, Jenkins said he wants the Board to hold a public hearing and to ultimately approve the new logo before it’s used anywhere else.

*This story has been corrected. The Virginia State Flag features a woman holding a sword on the Seal, not a man.


41 thoughts on “New Prince William Logo Draws Ire from Traditionalist Jenkins

  1. This projects Prince William County as a small player in a huge field. I think it would be beneficial to consider others as a replacement.

  2. I believe that a symbol should say a lot about an entity. This one certainly does. It says we don’t have our priorities in the right order for pursuing it in the first place, and we don’t know how to communicate with our citizens in the second. Amazing.

    1. This new “business” logo clearly show that PWC is quite literally and figuratively hidden in the shadow of the 500 pound gorilla to the north….Fairfax County.

      1. Amen to that. PWC is still looked ‘down on’ not considered in the same league with Fairfax and the rest of NOVA unless they want something from us. We have no mass transit or many other amenities the other jurisdictions have but we sure have the high taxes and expensive real estate. I am from Alexandria and moved to PWC in 1972 and my friends up there still think we are in the hinterlands and consider us redneck ruralurbia.

  3. I would have designed that logo for $500, saving the county $250. Then I could have held a contest at a local elementary school for some better ideas.
    This logo makes me question who saw this and said, “Yes, that is the image of Prince William County!”

  4. Now that I’ve had a chance to settle down, I realize I’m not really being fair. I’ve just learned that the County’s first choice was a dead on representation – 8 clowns sitting around a table deciding how much to cut taxes by raising them a little less. However, there were copyright issues with Ringling Brothers, the catered lunch was already eaten, and it was time for another international trip by the members. So, this is what they came up with, within those constraints.

    1. Tom, that’s funny.
      I’m unsure as to why we “need” a new seal for the county. I know I do not want my taxes raised to fund a changed county seal. Surely there are more pressing issues that need addressed, and funded with tax dollars.
      This will mark the only time I’ve agreed with John Jenkins. I’m sure Melissa Peacor had a hand in this wonderful idea.

  5. I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this logo does nothing for me. I cannot see how two rectangular boxes represents Prince William County. Somehow I can’t picture this on the side of our police cars. Someone may think that a child got lose with a can of paint. How is this going to promote marketing in Prince William County? Maybe the same way that calling all of Dumfries/Triangle area “Potomac.” Thanks Supervisor Jenkins for recognizing that the “king has no clothes.”

  6. I just found out about this new county logo. I have been in the county since 1972 and this new logo is embarrassing for a county that has come so far. Its boring, non descriptive and does nothing to make us look attractive to business or anyone else. Does everything have to be minimalistic these days? Whats wrong with color and images? Elementary school students could do a much better job as they are creative and obviously whomever designed this is NOT. Were the supervisors asleep when they thought the task force did a good job? Mr Jenkins is spot on. PWC has so many attractive diverse features so why not use them?

    1. Sean,
      Awesome? Your an idiot if you think thats awesome. Why dont you Go play in traffic …..this country doesnt need retards like you taking up space……

      1. Bob, listen to yourself. Perhaps a more appropriate response to Sean’s opinion would be to ask why he feels that way rather than calling him an idiot and a retard. As far as my opinion on the logo – I’m basically agnostic although it may grow on me over time.

      2. Thanks for your feedback Bob. I was actually trying to “reply” to Tom Fitzpatrick’s hilarious joke (above) – but I guess my “awesome” comment didn’t appear under his joke.

        Anyway….your language is really offensive and inappropriate Bob. “Retard” is not a word that is typically used in polite circles – at least not since about 1965. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo?

  7. This is one of the worst logos I have ever seen. Someone should lose their job over this. How could something this awful get approved by so many people in leadership positions?

  8. Looks like crap. Looks like a box eating a box… Kinda like a big bully government eating little guys……whats wrong with the old logo??? Did somebody get offended by history?? Gtfoh Always gotta find a reason to screw somthing up that should be left alone.

    Those retards have nothing better to do than waste our tax dollars. I hope they all get sequestered and loose their jobs/hrs and benefits..

  9. Yep looks like a tard designed it…. Shoulda had a county vote since we pay for it..
    Sombody got offended by a tobacco leaf and went on a crusade to change history.
    Sounds like the liberals are at it again…….

  10. Really what PWC needs to focus on is more roads and stop building these homes on route one that is causing the traffic to be even worse and put more into our schools and books to avoid the teachers making copies and the children not getting text books and a GREAT EDUCATION. There are more homes going up daily but what about schools, grocery stores, churches, car washes, updated plaza’s with new stores and restaurants, skating rink, bowling alleys, etc come on PWC needs to step up the game and leave that NEW SYMBOL ALONE!!!! These people need to get it together and make it so that PWC is top notch like Fairfax County!!!!!

  11. 8===> ~~~~~~ ~~~~~
    8=======>~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

    The new seal of prince williAm

  12. @ Tanyah B – FYI: Developers and owners build most of those things that you listed, not the county.

  13. the new logo represent the dark blue as the people who are paying all the bills/taxes and the light blue are all the ” newcomers ” who are ruining the county and paying little, say like Rt. 1, woodbridge, Dumfries, etc. Thus, its just perfect……

  14. The sign in photo #2 is a great example of how bad this is. The sign and the logo have a similar color so they have to put the logo in a white box so that it doesn’t get lost in the color of the sign. So the terrible logo is made worse because an extra box is added. This is awful, awful, awful!

  15. The logo does not give off a welcoming vibe and reminds me that four squared equals sixteen.

  16. It’s not supposed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Its a visual identification.

    Why does everyone want immediate gratification?

    Counties, colleges, school systems, parks businesses have logos. PWC has joined the 21st century. It’s about time.

    1. Visual identification of what may I ask? Might as well just have the words Prince William County with nothing else.

  17. Branding and visual identification are one. If this is the “brand” of Prince William (two tone, one much larger than the other) this is walking backwards through time. Think ink-blot. … just evolve.

  18. What bothers me the most is the fact that one person, the county executive, seems to feel she is above the BOCS and if this is allowed to happen then what is next? Spending taxpayer money and erecting a sign that was not approved by the BOCS could very well set the tone for more changes and spending that the BOCS isn’t even aware of until after the fact. It’s the “sneakiness” of this that makes me question how much authority do we give one person and if she has more authority than our board then our voices are mute.

    1. Yes, and there’s probably an artist working, as I type, on a bronze statue of Melissa Peacor to adorn the lobby of the offices at the County Complex.

      1. That seems to be the modus operandi. Witness the Connaughton square and the various parks named after past and present supervisors. In fact, I believe that there is a soccer field park named after the first Chairwoman’s son, to go along with the Parkway named after her.

  19. Changin the subject….

    Impeach obama.


    Fast and furious

    War without congress approval

    Irs scandel….. Thats how he won election btw..

    Lack of REAL birth certificate.. Not a computer formated one.. hes Not a natural citizen..

    Everyone who has voted obama either is too dumb to explain why or a taker of government checks.

    Their should be an IQ test to allow people to vote

    1. What is wrong with you? If you don’t like our Democracy get the heck out and while you are at it…get off this forum. Radicals like you always want to emote where they are not wanted and totally off subject. You sound like a terrorist not an American and shame on you. All of us can cast our vote and I bet your didn’t even vote. If you want to point at who started the wars you are barking up the wrong tree….try Texas.

      BTW…at last look Hawaii was a state when Obama was born there. Perhaps your birth cert was fake too. Sounds like you ‘should’ not have been born here.

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