Dumfries to Terry Bradshaw: No, Thank You

Terry Bradshaw hosts TV's “Communities of Distinction.” [Photo: Communities of Distinction]

DUMFRIES, Va. – Football great and TV commentator Terry Bradshaw won’t becoming to Dumfries.

The Town Council voted against working with Bradshaw’s “Communities of Distinction” program – a five-minute segment aimed at highlighting communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman said a producer of the show contacted him and said the show was interested in profiling the town because of its historical significance as Virginia’s oldest continuously chartered town. Foreman promised to take the idea to his fellow members of the Town Council.

“I said ‘look, the Town of Dumfries is a great town. What do you want to do?’” said Foreman.

Foreman told the show’s producer that, if the Town Council agreed to do the show, the production should tell the story of where the town has been, as well as the future of the town, and a planned expansion and redirection the town’s main thoroughfare U.S. 1.

Bradshaw’s segment about Dumfries would have aired in September on TV stations in various cities across the U.S. There was also a $19,000 scheduling fee the show would charge for the production, said Foreman.

That fee proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“What is the cost of [producing a video for] YouTube?” asked Councilwoman Gwen Washington. “I can think of better things to do with $20,000.”

“I’m sure they were interested in us because we’re Virginia’s oldest town, but I’m sure they would be just as interested in Virginia’s newest town if they were going to pay $20,000,” said Councilwoman Kristin Forrester.

Foreman also did not support spending the money to produce the show.

Communities of Distinction works with a trained producers, writers, editors to make educational and information programming seen in North America, according to the show’s website.

6 thoughts on “Dumfries to Terry Bradshaw: No, Thank You

  1. Good Call! That’s $9.14 an hour you can spend on someone to drive around in a town vehicle and sleep behind schools or shopping centers. Why would anyone want to invest money in a show that will aire across the Nation and drive up tourism and local revenue?

    I say kudos! Just think of how many more stop-signs you can put up or flag poles that you can install and not use. I’m sure the local businesses and attractions love how easily you dismissed the idea.

    BTW – The new U.S. 1 “Permanent Detour” is going to cripple buisness here.

  2. @ Chris,
    Whole heartily agree with your statement and the point of closing up businesses on Rt1. Dumfries really should have done a cost benefit analysis with economics figured in with the Risk judgement. Then they wouldn’t have looked so weak in their response.

  3. Good call town council. For $20,000 you can produce your own video and have complete editorial control over the content. I’m sure with Bradshaw’s “show” (and I put that in quotes), they will do it however they want and you’ll have no control over the actual content.

    Honestly…the whole thing sounds very scammy to me. Shame on Bradshaw.

  4. Just looked at the “Communities of Distinction” website. These shows are running at like 6:30AM and 8:00AM on Saturday mornings.

    Uhhh…yeah…sandwiched right in between the infomercials, that oughta pull in a .005 rating share at least!

  5. the show was just on PBS here in New York, Ch. 13, 6:30am! Wow what a great time to inform people about your lovely community. For the 19,000,the community leaders should really put up their hands and drop their pants! Former host Greg Gumbel sued the show for being misled.

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