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Investigators Uncover 16 Pounds of Pot

NORTH STAFFORD, Va. – Stafford law enforcement just came into possession of several pounds of pot.

A sheriff’s deputy obtained information about a drug deal that was set to happen in the parking lot of North Stafford High School on Sunday evening. The deputy then went to the school and found the car matching the description of the one suspected in being involved in the drug deal, and the occupants inside were subsequently questioned and arrested, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

Investigators said they searched the driver of the car and found a baggie with pot inside his pocket. After searching the car they found another bag of pot in a backpack, and in all it amounted to about a pound and a half of marijuana.

But investigators were not done searching. They went to the home of the driver and found about 15 pounds of pot stuffed in baggies stuff into a closet, said Kennedy. In all, 16 pounds of pot were found in the search, investigators said.

Noa Sestinal Cabrera, of Everglades Lane in Stafford, is said to be the driver of the car and is charged with possession with the intent to distribute, possession of a firearm, and with distributing drugs on school property.

The passenger of the car, Oreste Vargas, is charged with distribution, and with conspiracy, said Kennedy.

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