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Rising Above Expectations Seeks Volunteers in Prince William County

Rising Above Expectations inc. commonly known as RAE, is a nonprofit organization founded by Simeaka Melton and inspired by her daughter Aaliyah Melton. RAE is based in Prince William County and currently has five chapters spread between Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. We are constantly seeking volunteers, community partnerships and welcomes participants.

RAE provides an ongoing mentoring and leadership program for all youth. The areas of focus include self esteem building, healthy relationship education and suicide prevention education. The organization provides a 14 week out of school session in the spring and in the fall, serving youth between the ages of 8 to 18. The out of school session workshops include topics such as self esteem, body image, media pressures, bullying, healthy relationships, life skills, suicide prevention education and other daily issues youth face. In addition to the spring and fall sessions RAE offers annual events, summer camp, field trips, college tours, family activities and professional resources in the community.

Simeaka Melton (Founder/Chief Executive Officer) takes the integrity of Rising Above Expectations inc. seriously and works hard to inspire “One Life At A Time”. Since Shola Kemp has joined RAE as Chief Operations Officer the two dedicated women have worked diligently in building the organization into one parents and other organizations seek.

RAE spring session begins on March 2 and ends with “I Am Worth My Purpose” camp on June 1. For additional program information or information on how to get involved please call 202-421-1945, or email Simeaka[at]

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