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Charges Filed in Beating Case

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Two men are under arrest and a Stafford County supervisor’s family has come together to offer support for their son.

Grant Reid Weber and Travis Christopher Milde, both 20-years-old, have been tied to a case involving breaking and entering, assault and batter, and vandalism that occurred in Stafford County.

Milde is the son of Aquia District Supervisor Paul Milde. reported the incident:

According to Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy, a home on Matthew Lane in southern Stafford was broken into late Tuesday. A man told police that he was getting ready for bed when he heard someone coming down the hall toward his 19-year-old son’s room.

The father said he saw Weber, who was a former friend of his son, and told him it was late and to leave.

Kennedy said the intruder continued into the son’s room and began beating the 19-year-old. He ignored the father’s repeated demands that he leave and continued fighting even after the father retrieved a handgun.

Meanwhile, a second intruder jumped on the father’s back as he was screaming at the other intruder. The gun fell to the floor during the skirmish, but the father regained control of the weapon and told police he accidentally fired off a round that struck no one.

The intruders left the home in Kendallwood Estates off White Oak Road at that point, and while fleeing pushed the 19-year-old’s mother across the hallway and into another room. The intruders had apparently broken out a back window to get inside.

Paul Milde was shaken up by the incident, and on Thursday said he stands by his son.

“Our family has come together to support Travis and to provide him whatever he needs,” said Milde.

Travis Milde lives with his mother in south Stafford County.

Both Milde and Weber are being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond and are expected to appear in court Jan. 24.


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