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Baby Bruised After Found Strapped to Chair

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Law enforcement officers found a baby strapped to a car seat inside a motel.

Officers were called to Motel 6 at 401 Warrenton Road in Falmouth at 10:46 p.m. Tuesday after guests said they heard the incessant cries of a baby coming from a nearby room.

The manager knocked on the door of the room where the child was crying and no one answered. Stafford sheriff’s deputies were then called and they too tried knocking, but after no answered were let into the room by the manager.

They found a six-month-old baby girl left alone strapped to a car seat turned upside down on the bed, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

Officers called an ambulance which came to examine the child who suffered bruises after being strapped in the chair, said Kennedy.

While it’s not known how long the child was left alone, hotel guests said they could hear the child crying for two hours prior to police arriving, said Kennedy.

An hour after deputies got there, a woman who identified herself as the mother showed up and asked to see her daughter. She told police she had been away from the room, upstairs inside the same motel, for one hour. Detectives were called to the scene and an arrest was made.

Christine Clark, 34, of no fixed address, is charged with child endangerment, child abuse, and with obstruction of justice, said Kennedy.

She was taken to the Rappahannock Regional Jail. The child was placed into child protective services.


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