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Update: No Damage to Quantico Gym Roof


New information from Quantico Marine Corps Base indicates there is no damage to a high school gym at Quantico: 


They sent a crew to the Quantico Middle High School to survey the gym and saw no structural damage to the building. They received a report that there was damage, but upon inspection, that has been proven to be false.

–Quantico spokeswoman 2nd Lt. Amanda Anderson


QUANTICO, Va. — Power is out in portions of Quantico Marine Corps Base, and a high school gym has been damaged. Here’s the latest information we have from the military base:


Our current situation on base is as follows. As soon as it was safe to do so, our crews were working diligently to repair damages and restore power.

A section of housing is still without power as is a small portion of the Westside. Crews are currently working to restore power to our base residents.

There has been damage to the high school gym however; at this time we are still working to determine the extent of that damage.

All roads are open/passable with the possible exception of one portion of MCB1 on the Westside where a tree blocks only one lane of the road.

The preparedness of the base and the quick response from emergency personnel has helped mitigate the effects of the storm on our base.

–Quantico spokeswoman 2nd Lt Amanda Anderson



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