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Old Country Buffet Gets a Makeover

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Old Country Buffet in Woodbridge is getting a new look.

The restaurant is closed for renovations but plans to reopen Saturday, Nov. 3. When it does, hungry visitors will see changes to the interior of the eatery that include a streetscape design, a new food court, new paint and awnings, better salad and desert bars, and interactive custom menu options.

It’ll be a change for a restaurant that over the years has taken on a more dated look. The eatery opened in the mid-1990s along with several other shops at the Smoketown Stations shopping center.

Gar-Field Senior High School’s marching band and cheer squad are scheduled to be at the restaurant on its re-grand opening day when it opens at 11 a.m., according to a company press release. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will also be held at noon that day.

Old Country Buffet will also donate 15 percent of all sales on Nov. 3 to Armed Services YMCA Operation Kid Comfort.

At 12:30 p.m., the restaurant will allow participants to play a dice game called the “Old Country Buffet $10,000 Dice Roll” for a chance to win cash. Those who roll the six-lettered dice must roll a “BUFFET” to win the entire prize, the press release stated.

Live music and appearances from the company’s bee mascot and McGruff the Crime Dog will also be featured at the grand opening.

Old Country Buffet is upgrading several of its restaurant locations and plans to implement a new strategy of better food, facilities, and employee training within the company.


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