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Government Workers On Edge Gather at Quantico for Breakfast

QUANTICO, Va. — Federal Government employees and contractors are sleeping less these days as they face a fiscal cliff.

Sequestration – a dramatic reduction in federal spending that could happen after the first of the New Year – is a hot topic for anyone working for the federal government. On Sept. 25, the Prince William Chamber of Commerce held a special breakfast at the National Museum of the Marine Corps geared toward answering questions of those facing sequestration.

Prince William Chamber Government Contract Program Manager Jim Bradford the government is not hiring or expanding, and that is one cause for concern.

“The government contracting industry is going through a transitional period with sequestration and the new procurement vehicle changes. All of the business community faces uncertainties with future budget cuts and allocation of contracts. This keeps our contractors from getting a full nights rest. The government contracting community and landscape is changing and some companies will not adapt and succeed,” said Bradford.

The special breakfast was a means for attendees to stay informed and build new business relationships, added Bradford.


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