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Police Suit Up with New Tactical Gear

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Police in Prince William County are taking on new gear that will help them respond to acts of terrorism and major disasters.

Through a grant from The Department of Homeland Security, the police department will accept $212,600 in new tactical equipment. Police officials said they will not disclose what items they will get citing security concerns.

The Montgomery County, Md. Police Department has been tapped by the feds to dole out the money to Prince William and nine other police agencies in the area. As part of the plan, Homeland Security has ordered 10 advanced tactical teams from around the region to be able to respond during an emergency, with members of the Prince William police force being on one of those teams.

The Prince William County Police Department is now lead by Acting Chief Barry Bernard who oversees 581 sworn officers with an annual budget of $76.3 million.


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