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Squirrels Quick to Grab Homegrown Nuts

Mary Davidson

I’m known to share some of the summer fruit and nuts that grow in my yard, but sometimes I want some all to myself.

In my yard in North Stafford, I have a variety of plants, nuts, bushes and fruit trees.

I don’t spray them with insecticide so they have their share of bug bites. I leave their ample fruit to the wildlife to enjoy, but I once tried covering my blueberry bushes with netting to stop the birds from taking all the berries.

I won’t do that again. I found a bird fatally caught up in the net.

A favorite of mine is a “heart nut tree.” They are not common around here, and I have waited for years after planting it to appreciate its offerings. It gets its name from its heart shaped nuts.

For the last few years it has produced loads of nuts, and just before I suspect they can be harvested, the squirrels strip the tree of the nuts in less than a day!

Last week just as I was leaving out my driveway I saw one of those squirrels running down the trunk of the tree with a nut clenched in his teeth. I went directly over to the tree and found only half the nuts left on the tree as the day before. I immediately picked all that I could reach and left the rest to the squirrels.

Victory at last!


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