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Money Raised for Injured Roadside Dog


STAFFORD, Va. — A passerby found an injured dog on the side of Courthouse Road on Sunday suffering from blunt force trauma.

The lab/pit mix had a fracture on his leg, and a possible fractured pelvis, but a vet at the Banfield Clinic on Va. 610 in North Stafford – where the dog was taken once found – doesn’t believe the animal was hit by a car because there are no signs of cuts or road rash.

The Stafford SPCA stepped in to care for the animal and, for the first time, is asking the public for help in paying for the dog’s medical bills.

Lori O’Pry of the Stafford SPCA has been working this case since the dog was found about 11 a.m. Sunday. She’s tried calling the numbers on the dog’s tag, which lists a Chelsey Rodgers as the owners with two numbers with area codes 586 and 852, but both phone numbers have been disconnected.

Even information on the dog’s implanted microchip – a device that is supposed to make it easier for an owner to recover an animal if it is lost – has incorrect information.  That prompted O’Pry and others at the SPCA to simply call the dog “Chip.”

“We named him Chip for two reasons: a big fuss was made over the information on his microchip, and we’re perplexed that so much of it is false. One of the numbers ties back to Hong Kong. The other is tied to Michigan. Using public record searches, no one with the name Chelsey Rodgers can be tied to the phone numbers or email address,” said O’Pry. 

Chip has to undergo more surgery and it could cost as much as $5,000. With medical bills mounting, the animal adoption and rescue organization was able to raise at least $850 from 20 contributors so far. They’re using the website to raise more money.

Word about the dog as also spread on Facebook in hopes someone can locate the owner.


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