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Hearing Set for Moncure School Relocation

NORTH STAFFORD, Va. — School officials will hear from residents about a plan to close an elementary school that sits along one of the busiest roads in Stafford County.

The 40-year-old Anne E. Moncure Elementary School in North Stafford’s Garrisonville District sits on valuable property on Va. 610. Surrounding the school building is a shopping district, homes, and an expanding commuter parking lot.

The plan is to close the school building and construct a new home for Moncure. It’ll sit on 22 acres of property on nearby Juggins Road – property the county will purchase for $1.7 million. Once in their possession, it’ll lease back the property to Stafford’s independent School Board, and a new Moncure Elementary will be built.

Officials have not speculated on the value of the land on which the current Moncure Elementary School sits.

A public hearing on the matter will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 24, at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Stafford County School Board at 31 Stafford Avenue in Stafford.


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